Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hey, remember us? We're all adopted!

Hey! Remember us? We're the half pipe kittens! 
You first met us during "Recon,"
then we were reunited, and soon we were looking for our furrever homes!

While we were learning about living indoors, our mom, who prefers her outdoor lifestyle, was spayed and returned to her colony. 
I'm Bija, formerly Drei, and I was adopted first! 
I love my new mom. She's so nice and she's a really good snuggler.
She's also a yoga teacher! I've been working on my poses!
I help her plan her classes,
And I'm showing her some new moves.
Long story short, you're looking at a happy ending. Over to you, my sisters!
Hi! It's Temperance (tortie, formerly Oki) and Clarice (black, formerly Teter). We were adopted too!
I settled in pretty quickly.
I was a little scared, I thought it best to hide in the litter box until I knew it was safe. 
Then, I saw the cat dancer! And I knew this place was going to be great!
I'm pretty comfortable now!
We both are! We're living happily ever after:)
Sweet Dreams!

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