Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kara is learning to play!

Kara is growing at a rapid rate! I think she may now be longer than my hand! Over the past couple of days, Kara has begun to show signs of a playfull little kitty. She does something that resembles a pounce, she bats at my hair when it dangles and she has started biting!
My big cat, Eko, has really taken to her, but unfortunately we have to keep them seperated until Kara can be tested for FELV/FIV. He is not happy about it!
She still comes to work with me everyday, and Kim has started to delegate!
But after a short play time, she still ends up in the same snuggly place!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Lincoln meets his new sister!

Well, they are being introduced slowly but surely! So far so good!
Big sister Lola is a very curious kitty and could not get any closer to the gate!
She put her paw in to say hello and they played pawsies for a while! I heard from their mommy that things are going very well!
They have let Lincoln out to interact with Lola and they are doing just fine! Stay tuned for word of their first cuddle!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lincoln's adoption day!

Lincoln has had a couple of big days this weekend, and today is the biggest! Friday he went to have his splint/cast put on and was neutered. When I picked him up he was just waking up from being sedated. He has recovered quickly and is going to be adopted today!
He played with Tigra and Eko and they said their goodbyes. He is such a sweet cat, I will miss him like crazy!
But, he is going to a great mama and will have a big sister!
Kara is doing well too! She is getting bigger and louder! She is very vocal. She is still drinking a bottle and has absolutely no interest in solid food yet.
This is what my kitchen counter looks like with all this kitten mania!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nanny Eko!

Eko has followed in his mama's footsteps and has become the nanny!
He sits and guards the little kitten when she sleeps. Sometimes he relaxes and looks for her in the box, and sometimes he sits like a gargoyle securing the perimeter!
He is so curious! I let her walk around and he and Tigra come over to see her and smell her. I have caught Eko licking her head twice now! Awe!

Christmas sunshine and kitties that love it!

Christmas day was just beautiful in NYC! The sun was shining and Lincoln had a front row seat!
I made him a little ramp of pillows to climb up and down to the window sill. He loved the sunshine!
Here they are later in the evening opening their Christmas gifts!

Lincoln loves to play!

This little guy is feeling much better! He is soooo playful! His favorite toy is this little cheese wheel with the balls that move. He can play with this for hours at a time! See him in action in this video!
Little Miss Tigra, still pretty jealous, watches him like a hawk when he plays with HER toys.
He enjoys the catnip cigar as well.
Biting, chewing, hugging, it is just adorable!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 6 - Christmas Eve: Kitties at play!

Lincoln is healing like a champ and is having such a great time playing with his toys! See him here pouncing on his prey! And here is a video of him playing his little heart out!
And look at this little cutie! Alright, this video comes with a caution label on it. The cuteness level is through the roof! I am serious, be careful opening this one, you could pass out from the cuteness!

Priority #1: Keep the kitten warm!

So I made her a little snuggly to carry her around in and hold her in while I work! Check out this video full of suckling and biscuits!
Oh she worked so hard to climb on top of the blankets so she could sit here and look around!
It also fits in a basket so I can set her down in it for a nap too.

Look at that little tiger! Grrr!

Foster Kitty activities Day 1!

Well, little Kara does not do much, but is a lot of work! She needs a bottle about every 3 hours (yes, that includes overnight) and I have to help her go potty.
But other than that, she just sleeps a lot! She wants to roam around a little here and there, but she does not last very long and then it is sleepy time!
Lincoln went to the vet to get his leg x-rayed. He has a fracture in his right tibia and the vet put a cast on his leg. Poor thing, he is a real trooper. He was so uncomfortable getting his leg wrapped and now he has to learn how to walk on it. It did not take long and he is doing very well! He will go back on Friday to get it re-wrapped.
He did not want to walk or use that paw at all when I met him and now he is getting around really well! I can't wait to see how he does when he is healed!

Foster kitties Lincoln and Kara

Lincoln and Kara are living with me until they move on to their forever homes. As you saw in the previous post, Lincoln already has a new mama! Record time! He will stay with me until Sunday as we need to make sure he does not have a cold. He is also healing from a fractured Tibia.
Look a this handsome guy! Can you believe he was going to be euthanized? I am so happy to give him another chance. He is healthy and happy and playing like crazy! He really is one of the sweetest kitties I have ever met! Check out this video of him, it is absolutely adorable! And look at his markings! Aren't they fantastic! Handsome guy! I just love him and will miss him so much when he goes to his new home.
And this is little Kara. She will be 3 weeks old on Christmas! Wow, she is a character! So small and so sure of herself and what she wants.
I have a feeling this one will also be a little rough to give up. I will have her for a few more weeks at least before she is ready for a new home. Phew!

Day 1, Friday, 12/19/08 Foster Kittens come to the office!

Forgive the delay in getting this blog started, but I have had my hands full! I am fostering 2 kittens from the nyc shelter. More details to come about them.

Here is what happens in an office when you walk in with 2 kittens...
I wish I could record the noises people made when they saw how little Kara was at 2 weeks old! And the heartfelt awes and sighs when I told them Lincoln needs x-rays for his leg and how he was in line to be euthanized due to his injury when I took him. Everyone snuggled and listened to their stories.
It takes a village to foster kittens in the big city and still go to work everyday. Meet some of the office's co-fosters.

Faith is our CEO and resident animal lover and supporter! She is always excited to have foster kittens in the office! How wonderful would it be if all NYC offices had kittens running around. Free stress relief, just grab a kitten and give it a snuggle!
This is my boss, Michele, she is our CFO and expert snuggler. She jumped right in and gave the baby her bottle while I got everyone situated!

Meet Sophie, Lincoln's new mama! It only took her seconds to say "I want him"! His broken leg did not make any differnce to her, she fell in love and that was it! She adopted her first kitten, Lola, from me this summer when I fostered 7 kittens. Lola and Lincoln will both live happily ever after in their safe, loving, forever home!
And I just love this picture of Billie captured in total kitten bliss!