Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Foster kitties Lincoln and Kara

Lincoln and Kara are living with me until they move on to their forever homes. As you saw in the previous post, Lincoln already has a new mama! Record time! He will stay with me until Sunday as we need to make sure he does not have a cold. He is also healing from a fractured Tibia.
Look a this handsome guy! Can you believe he was going to be euthanized? I am so happy to give him another chance. He is healthy and happy and playing like crazy! He really is one of the sweetest kitties I have ever met! Check out this video of him, it is absolutely adorable! And look at his markings! Aren't they fantastic! Handsome guy! I just love him and will miss him so much when he goes to his new home.
And this is little Kara. She will be 3 weeks old on Christmas! Wow, she is a character! So small and so sure of herself and what she wants.
I have a feeling this one will also be a little rough to give up. I will have her for a few more weeks at least before she is ready for a new home. Phew!


  1. Just keep reminding yourself--we don't have room for another cat! lol

  2. HAHAHA! Yes, I have 2 constant feline remiders!