We all rescue cats and kittens in NYC. 
We take cats and kittens from NYC Animal Care and Control's euthanasia ("kill") list and perform Trap - Neuter - Release (TNR) for community cats, taking in friendly cats and kittens along the way. We foster these cats and kittens in our own homes until we find them safe, loving forever homes. We are not an organization or official group, but a group of friends that work on our own and often together to rescue cats and kittens from needless suffering and death row. Our efforts aim to reduce the suffering of cats and kittens in NYC by rescuing those in need, spaying/neutering to help to reduce the number of cats born on the street and advocating for their rights.
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Let's break it all down...
(Animals slated to be euthanized at the NYC ACC city shelter)
Here are some of the lucky ones who were "pulled" off the euth list, fostered and found new homes
When you hear a cat was "pulled" it means they were scheduled for euthanasia and someone decided to give them a chance, picked them up from the shelter and is fostering them until they can find them a forever home
Here's a nursing mom and her curious little kitten at the shelter
 5,856 NYC cats were euthanized at the NYC ACC city shelter in 2011
This does not include the ones who suffered and died out on the streets alone. The ACC reports that intake and euthanasia numbers are reduced every year, and that is due to rescue groups pulling cats and performing TNR.
These cats were pulled off the euth list and are now safe and snug in their new furrever homes
President of the CauliflowerEar Cat Club!
Tuxie has his own Facebook Page!
His new mom keeps everyone up-to-date on his adventures
and helps other kittens hoping for the same happy ending!
Jackie was rescued from NYC ACC Brooklyn
She was 2  months old and was off to a rough start. She had a dead tail, injured nose and dead, crumpled ear pinna. After a big heart chose to pull her off the list, a lot of vet intervention and a tail amputation she was adopted 
and is living happily ever after!
Little Treize was a little "bottle baby" pulled from the shelter, fostered and adopted
And who could forget Wallaby?!
In addition to helping cats from the shelter,
We perform TNR to spay and neuter feral cat colonies to reduce the number of cats and kittens being born on the street and in hope to also reduce the number of cats and kittens that end up at the shelter. We trap them, have them spayed/neutered and return them to their colonies; Trap/Neuter/Release
However, anyone involved in TNR know it goes more like...
Transport, Trap, Transport,
Hold, Feed, Care,
Spay/Neuter, Vaccinate, De-worm,
Pay that clinic bill, Transport, Recover,
Transport, Release, Worry, Feed, Continue feeding and caring for...forever
Which brings us to...
Where there's one feral cat...
There's a colony of feral cats
And they need food and shelter year round, in all types of weather (even during holidays and vacations:)
Some are close and easy to get to and some are far. Colony caretakers manage colonies year round providing food and shelter and digging out these shelters during and after snow storms
This young lady will never have to worry about where to safely hide her kittens again, she was trapped and spayed in 2009 and remains at her warehouse safe and happy (along with her other girl-friends, all spayed)
When performing TNR and also while just walking down the street, we run into cats who are not feral and have obviously been abandoned from their homes and dumped on the street. We take them in too and find them homes!
Anyone remember this handsome tom-cat? He has his own facebook page too! And he's living it up in his new forever home:)
Valentina climbed up Shawn's leg as she paused on a morning run to check out a cat on the street (she's adopted too;)
Charlie turned up at one of our managed colonies
He just ran right over to introduce himself!
 He was taken home, cleaned up, provided necessary medical care and eventually he found a new home:)
Yeah, there are always...
The younger kittens from the feral colonies still have a chance to trust humans, become loving pets and be spared the life of a street cat. They need a lot of time with their rescuer for socialization but then they are ready for a new home!
Some kittens take a lot of work to come around,
some take one head rub,
but ALL take A LOT of FOOD!!!
Remember these little Indians?
Which brings us to...
Cats and kittens need a lot of food and care
They need snap tests (FIV/FELV), vaccinations and wellness checks at the vet, spay/neuter, hernia repair...and the list goes on
Sick ones need vet evaluations, medicine, fluids and special treatments like a nebulizer
The little ones need special formula and lots of bottles!
And then there are the injured ones,
like SPICE!
Spice was found injured in a snow storm and had to have his leg amputated (Don't worry, he was adopted:)
Little Rozza, only days old, was found in the dirt by a dog
The dog's owner saw him hanging out of her dog's mouth and reached out for help. Lisa cleaned him up, tended to his injuries and slowly nursed him back to health
He was fattened up and found a good home
And then there are the mystery illnesses...
We threw everything we had at these guys
Multiple rounds of blood work, medicine, lots of nursing care, A TON OF RESEARCH and countless trips to the vet until we were finally on to something! We treated them until bloods came back normal and, eventually, they did:)
All four were adopted!
And what about MARCO?!
Marco was part of a TNR effort in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He was dangerously skinny and not eating. He'd already lost 2 of his 4 sisters
 But with round the clock nursing care, syringe feeding and vet evaluations and blood work...
Marco got his happy ending too!
There are other injuries too...
Like broken legs
Lincoln had a new mama before he even had a cast!
He went from from the shelter, to his rescuer's office
(where a coworker said "I WANT HIM"), to the vet
And burned paws, like LEE
Don't worry, he got a new home too:)
Sadly, we are not able to save them all
May the ones we have lost rest in peace

And the ones we save live happily ever after!

If you would like to adopt one of our fosters, please visit our petfinder page
For information on how to adopt, visit our petfinder information page

It's a lot of work, but its well worth the effort 
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All proceeds from bake sales and donations are divided up equally between us. In addition, Lisa, who focuses mainly on bottle babies, has created a wish list to help with supplies. You can order them right off her amazon wish list and they will go directly to the kittens she is nursing in her home. You can also help by fostering cats and kittens in your own home (the most fun way to help;)

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us
(and our lucky ones) a little better:)