Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lee and Dharma

Lee and Dharma were living in a warehouse with their mom and a couple of other cats. They were doing very well until one day I went to check on them and found Lee had burned his paws. Sll 4 were burned, but the back left paw was the worst and it was infected. The vet informed me his paw pads will probably eventually fall off and he will grow new ones. Until then, he is on antibiotics and I soak his paws every night and apply ointment (which he hates). So, no more warehouse for Lee and I did not feel comfortable leaving Dharma there without him so my neighbor is fostering her. We are hoping they will be adopted together.
I don't have the heart to leave that cone on all the time, so I just put it on for an hour or two after his paw soak. You would not know he has an injury. He is so happy and playful and a total snuggle monster.

This little guy (and his sis is the same) is super socialized and loves to snuggle.

He is always on my lap or my chest and if he is not laying on me he is laying next to me.
Dharma is the same way! She is staying with a neighbor, Mildred. Mildred's grandson, Steven, runs straight upstairs after school to spend the afternoon with her. She eats it up! Here they are watching some tv!
And just like Lee, if she is not draped across you, she is next to you She is such a pretty little girl
Here are some more pics of her in her new foster home

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