Friday, October 9, 2009


What is it about clean laundry that makes a kitty say "Ahhh"?

Lee's sister Kate/Lakshmi certainly loved a clean pile of laundry
Tigra too!

"Sniff, mmmm, ahhhhh, right out of the dryer"
Of course if I was sitting next to the laundry it was even better!
Get a little closer...Don't be shy...
He is totally curled up around by back AND on top of the laundry!
Too cute!
Well, I think so. Tigra is seldom impressed with "cute" fosters,
but you can interpret that look on her face yourself.
Check out the little tongue hanging out

You know Kim, you may be right!

My friend Kim thinks Dharma and Lee may have orchestrated the whole injured paw thing so they could become house cats. Hmmmmm.

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