Sunday, October 25, 2009

A few of my favorite things!

Dharma is a happy little girl. Here are a few of her favorite things!
Cat Hammocks!
Cat Naps!
Cat Dancers!
Cat Dancers attached to Cat Trees!
Cat Nip Cigars!
Hanging upside down!
And her absolute favorite thing, though I do not have any pictures because I just don't want to move when she does it, is SNUGGLING! I call her a slinky because she is always draped across me. Either across my chest, my neck, my arm, my leg, whatever! And if I am on the laptop (like now) she is curled up next to me flush against my leg (like now)! This litter of kittens had some serious snuggle time with mama and it has really stuck with them. All four of them have been cuddle junkies!

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