Monday, May 27, 2013

Buster's in a foster home!

A lovely couple came to Muddy Paws last weekend. They were unsure if they wanted to adopt a cat, but were open to the idea of fostering. I told them to think on it and let me know...they did.
A few days later I had a goodbye [for now] play date with Buster before I dropped him off.
He's soooo fun!

He loves catnip too, see last post. 
He is getting to know the laser better, but is still a little scared of it. First time EVER in this house, TOO FUNNY!

I won't show you how he feels about the cat dancer, PANIC! I left that in the other room.
This is how I left him at his foster home. He was perfectly fine just sitting in his carrier, thank you very much! 
That was Saturday, I checked in with his foster parents today and they said:
"It's going well! He was spending a lot of time hiding under our couch, but yesterday and today he has started to get a lot more comfortable." 
"He seems to get afraid when he hears people walking up and down the stairs in the building"
AWE:) I love that little muffin:)
He was a little scared with me too at first, I told them it sounded like things were going well and I'd see them next weekend to take him to the adoption event. 
Good luck, Buster.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

1 Cat + 1 bag of catnip, Bake at 420, Enjoy

I don't feel anything.
Just give it a minute, Buster.
I still don't feel it
Are you sure, Buster? Cuz it looks like you're REALLY digging that blanket.
I love this blanket
What kind of pawsome blanket is this?
Buster, are you drooling?

What color is this blanket? Is it red? Is it orange? Is it some crazy red/orange combo?
Buster, are you feeling it yet?
 Holy meow! Look at my paw!
It has claws and sh^t!
 That's so cool Buster!
What's cool? What were we talking about?
 What's going on with your ear, Buster?
 I don't know, man, but this feels sooo good.
Ear rubs are meowing pawsome.
I really love this blanket.
What was that?!
What was what, Buster?

Pawsome. Let's do that again.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Buster is blue. Can you cheer him up with a new home or spread the word?

"Foster mama?"
"Yes, Buster?"
"Why doesn't anyone want to adopt me?"

"I don't know, sweetie, I think you just have to be patient."
"Is it cuz I'm not a young kitten anymore?"

"No, Buster. Lots of humans like adult kitties, especially cute, fun and quirky guys like you!"
"Is it cuz I was livin' on the streets?"

"No, Buster. Sometimes it just takes some time. There's a very special daddy or mama out there just for you with a nice, safe, forever home with lots of toys and treats."

"I promise."
"OK, I'll go to the adoption event and keep trying"
"Good boy, buddy. I'll be with you the whole time.
Snuggle up, Buttercup."

Adoption Event Info:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hey, you get down! No, YOU get down!

Here they go again. I heard a SCREAM from the kitchen this am, and when I walked in, here's what I saw. 
"Mom, he's in my spot."
It is constant with these two! They both want to be the boss, the tough guy and buddies, but neither will just chill out for a sec. I've seen face to face sniffing, but later a boxing and yelling match. Hug it out fellas!
"Get down!"
"No, YOU get down!"
So I'm watching and Eko's like "I was here first and I'm not moving."
 And Buster's all "Well, I'm here now, and I'm not getting down."
Then, Eko's like "suit yourself, I'm staying right here."
Buster, "Fine, me too."

And I left for work. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

How cute am I?

How cute am I? 
No, seriously, how cute am I? Because I'm not adopted yet, so I'm not sure. Someone please assess this situation. Look at my pink nose and tell me how cute am I?
I'm 8 years old, snuggle with teddy bears, chase toys like a kitten and have this adorable pink nose. How cute am I?

I also make make adorable air paws. Don't believe me? Check this out.
Purrs, head rubs, AIR PAWS! I can even pet myself! How cute am I?

OK, so here's the deal. I've been abandoned repeatedly and I'm staying at Big City Little Kitty's foster home. It's cool here, but I want my own home, my own bed, my own windowsill. I don't need to sit on your lap all the time, but I'd love some soft pets and rubs and I'd like to meow with you now and then. I'll be really good, I'm a great friend and and an excellent listener. I keep an eye on the neighborhood with my fierce windowsill monitoring skills, you're safe with me. I love food and I love to play. I also love to just chill out on the couch or on the bed and soak up the good life. 

If you want to see how cute I am in person, come to meet me at North Brooklyn Cat's adoption events, Sundays from 2 to 6 pm at Muddy Paws Pet Supply, 447 Graham Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I'll either be hanging out in my awesome tent

or chillin on my foster mom's lap. I'm neutered, vaccinated, the vets checked my poop and said I don't have parasites. I'm FIV/FELV negative and I'm a really content and happy guy. Oh, and my name's Buster, how cool is that?
I want a home, what do you say?