Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"My name is Charlie"...Charlie's looking for his Angel

Once upon a time, there were two little kittens who were dumped at a feral cat colony, where they were each exposed to some very hazardous conditions. One of them was never seen again. But I was taken away from all that, and now Big City Little Kitty works for me, my name is Charlie.
I walked into a warehouse where I manage a feral cat colony
and a kitten came running up to me.
I thought, WHAT?
He was not feral in any way, shape or form.
He came straight up to me and introduced himself.
I was told there were 2, but the other had not been seen for a week:(
All of the cats in the warehouse were named after characters on LOST, and considering he was a skinny little thing with light hair and gorgeous eyes, I named him Charlie.
Charlie offered me a job, to rescue him.
I had to accept this offer
as I couldn't sleep at night knowing he was left there unattended.
And so, I became, "Charlie's Angel".

It seems Charlie had another angel, a feral cat I had spayed 2 years ago when she was only 4 months old. She followed us everywhere we turned in the warehouse, watching every move I made with the kitten she had been protecting. This was odd because on any other day she would never have revealed herself or her whereabouts to me.
Thanks Beauty!
Another one of Charlie's Angels.
Charlie had an enormous belly, full of worms and who knows what parasites!
Aside from that gigantic belly, the rest of him was skin and bones.
So I borrowed a carrier from Mildred, she lives around the corner, and she drove us home.
I de-wormed him asap and gave him a bath.
I cleared the caked on dirt crammed between his toes
and the fleas and other bugs out of his fur.
He cleaned up nice!
And after a couple of days his belly was looking a little more normal!
I'm a sucker for a little bird legged, big bellied kitten!
And now he's happy as can be!
He one of the most docile, content, happy kittens I have ever met.
He does not cry to be let out, but loves getting scooped up for a snuggle!
And man does he love that Teddy Bear!
Charlie's looking for one more good angel, a forever angel.
Are you Charlie's Angel?


  1. Hey Lisa! He reminds me of your runners litter! He even dries as fast as they did after a bath!

  2. He really cleaned up well. I love the last picture of him.

  3. Such a sweet baby! He is so lucky to have you and is sure to find a forever home in a snap!!

  4. That last photo is just precious! That little face of his, oh my :)

  5. oh I am a sucker for a big belly and bird legs too! I have one like that right now, I suspected worms and sure enough some tapeworm segments/eggs/whatever showed up... he's been treated now and his belly is looking a bit more normal! what a cutie, I send good luck to Charlie.

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