Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lucas goes to his new home.

Today was the day. It was so hard to pack him up knowing he was leaving my home for good. But off we went after a goodbye sniff from my cats Eko and Tigra. We decided to stop for coffee with friends first. Such a beautiful day.
(This pic by Eva Prokop) and bring him to his new home.
(This pic by Eva Prokop) pitching in taking inventory (of cat food of course). He was doing ok, just a little worried and confused. His new daddy, Zohar, came over to give him a snuggle and show him around his new digs! I checked on Lucas later in the day and it looked like he was being spoiled rotten! I love it! If you want to go by to meet Lucas just head over to Greenpoint. Lucas is the new manager of Pets on the Run at 989 Manhattan Avenue between Huron and India.
Best of luck to you sweet little guy! See you soon.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Angel and Demon

Oh Little Lucas, how cute you are when you are sleeping. This little guy knows where his bed is and walks right over to it to go to sleep no problem. The most content kitten I have ever met. This is Lucas the Angel.
And this is our little Demon in action. Eko is constantly trying to give him a bath and a snuggle. Lucas just wants to wrestle! It amazes me he never learns. If you mess with the cat, you get the fangs! Or at least the paws! I love when Eko tosses him like a bean bag, haha.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Lucas may be a big boy at 2.5 months, but as you can see he still sucks on his favorite blankie (my robe) before beddie-bye...

Lucas took one on the forehead from, I assume, one of my other cats. When I treat this little bump, he just HATES it. The patch of missing hair is just a botch job from the vet's office - no ringworm! Anyway, after I treat the bump on his head, he goes straight to his little bed and sooths himself with a suckle!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lucas is getting big!

Lucas is now 2.5 months! He has had another visit with his future dad and is still hanging out with his foster cats, Eko and Tigra. He will stay with us until he is big enough to get the rest of his shots and be neutered. Here he is napping with his foster human.
His favorite thing to do is play tag with Tigra. Forgive me for not catching that on video yet, it is so cute. He also LOVES to wrestle! He goes from Eko to Tigra, to Eko to Tigra pouncing on them and wrestling every chance he gets. Here he is wrestling with Eko.

Eko, his foster papa, just wants to give him a bath! He has been trying for over a month! Here he is FINALLY getting a few licks in!