Monday, November 21, 2011

Argyle and Corduroy find a home!

Argyle and Corduroy were late additions to the fabric store colony.
I spayed 5 females there
and took in 2 kittens, Dungaree and Burlap, in June.
The store owner and I thought that colony was finished, until...
He called me in September
to tell me a mom and 2 kittens were in the back yard.
I went to check it out, I was sure he was mistaken!
But, sure enough, there they were.
Two little long haired kittens too young to TNR.
So I told him I'd be back the next week to trap
I couldn't get their mama (I'll go back)
but I got the 2 little ones
They moved in to Big City Little Kitty's foster home
to learn a few things about being house cats
1. These big humans aren't so bad
2. Humans have lots of food
3. Couches are awesome
4. Beds are even more awesome
5. Snuggling rocks!
And day at a North Brooklyn Cats'
adoption event at Muddy Paws...
They were adopted!
Here they are in their new together, forever home!
(Pics provided by their new awesome mama)
Their new names may be Lawrence and Taylor,
(No, not after the football player)
but the names are to be confirmed later

Yep, they're livin' the dream!
Play all night, sleep all day!
They even have a lovely garden to supervise!
I hear they are doing great,
mom and pop are in love with them
and they are not shy at all!
They are both talkers too:)
Mom says "Argyle talks when he wants something,
And Corduroy calls for him when she's looking for him"
They were both a couple of chatter boxes here too!
Another happy ending for Big City Little Kitty!

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