Monday, August 31, 2009


Kate and Sawyer are ready for their new home! Both tested negative for both FIV and FELV! They have had all 3 of their FVRCP shots, rabies vax and of course have already been spayed and neutered! So now we just need to find the perfect, loving home!
I accidentally posted their last update on my TNR blog, oops! You can check it out here...
Anyhoo, they are doing great and could not be any sweeter (or cuter)!
For example, look at this handsome little devil! Sawyer is a little lover boy! OMG this guy just wants to snuggle 24/7! Every time I sit down he comes running over to curl up in my lap. And then it is kneading time! I get kitty massages every day!
And little Kate! She is just a smart, curious, little sugar girl! She is the explorer!
She's a snuggly little thing too! She snuggles up for naps and gives massages! They sleep with me at night and when they curl up, they can not get any closer!
But, as usual, Eko is getting the most snuggles!
What a great nanny! Look closely, they are holding paws!
Um, even Tigra is giving in! I busted her grooming Kate the other day and she plays tag with them all the time! And look at her trying to act like she is not playing with Sawyer...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Photo Shoot!

Ladies first - This is Kate!
Look at that belly!
Curling up and crossing paws
Sawyer's turn!
Check out those swirls!
Peek-a-boo and a big fat belly!
Cutie pie
Sleepy guy

Kittens vs the Feather

Feather on lock
Studying, planning, plotting
By the way, Tigra is still unimpressed, however she is finding them entertaining.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Settling in

Wrestlemania in the kitchen!
Kate checks out the new scratcher
Eko also checks out the scratcher, eh-hem, you are a little big for that big guy ;)
The scratcher came with catnip, looks like Kate loves catnip!

Kate curls up in my purse.

Kate and Sawyer

Kate and Sawyer are my new foster babies. Kate has the white pedicure!
They are from a TNR project I did in LIC. Their mom and 2 siblings are living in a warehouse and I will find these 2 homes. To see more on this TNR project go to This is their first day in my apartment. Play time with the cat dancer.
Sawyer jumping for the cat dancer.
Kate was really going for it!
Yep, those are Kate's paws mid back flip!
She's a beast!
Well, all 2 lbs of her got worn out. Nappy time!
Please note the crossed paws! Sooo cute!
Just for fun, here are some cat dancer play videos. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Straw Berry

Here is a cutie pie my friend, Eva, is fostering. This kitten was rated "severe" by the NYCACC. They don't get much of a chance, he is a sugar sweet, snuggle bug now!

Lucas Visit!

Look how big he is! And so happy and healthy!