Thursday, January 27, 2011

Smudge and Eva

Smudge is a great cat that has run into some bad luck.
He belongs to a dedicated animal rescuer, Eva, who devotes countless hours and dollars to cat rescue. Smudge was one of those rescues, and he had the happiest ending when he got to stay with Eva as one of her own.
Three years ago Eva went to New York City’s Animal Care and Control for her first day as a NYCACC volunteer. That day she met Smudge.
He was 8 years old and surrendered to the shelter because his owner did not have time for himL Eva adopted Smudge that same day! It took a while to figure out the purrfect name for him. He was called Bumble Bee, Santa, Figaro, Giuseppe, Other Cat, Big Cat and finally Smudge. He never felt abandoned again, and instead has been showered with love and affection.
In return, he gives joy and love to Eva, his feline siblings and feline foster friends.
He even takes the time to teach the little ones how to be big catsJ
Since then, he has spent his days sunning himself on the fire escape
and lounging around the apartment looking cute

On Wednesday, while under anesthesia for dental work, Smudge’s heart stopped. He was resuscitated and is currently fighting to recover. He is under round the clock care and his mama, Eva, is visiting him as often as possible to remind him he is loved.

I love seeing a person go so above and beyond to provide care to their beloved animal(s). And Eva goes above and beyond for each and every animal in her care, not just her own.

This is very different than what we see on the streets and in the shelters. Animals tossed aside that end up suffering or lined up daily to be routinely euthanized in kill shelters for lack of space. Eva goes into the shelter and rescues countless cats from this fate. Her tireless efforts are inspiring and admirable. She pulls cat after cat and finds them all homes. Regardless of being short on time or anything else that might get in the way, Eva never stops. She rescued Smudge from the shelter and she didn't stop there. Three years later she continues to rescue cats and kittens. Cats with illnesses, injuries and neurological disorders don’t slow her down a bit! She gets them all homes. Eva does this on her own with her own time and her own money.

And now it is one of her own she is trying to get back in to her safe and happy home.

Smudge has a long way to go and Eva will be with him every step of the way.

Our paws are crossed and we wish Smudge and Eva the best of luck.

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  1. Sweet Smudgey...I'm thinking of you and your mama.