Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Calico Thank You Reel!

This litter needed a lot of help and a lot of people jumped in to help them.
To see the Curious Case of the Calicos story, see my previous posts.
They came to me ill with parasites (rescuer had started treatment) and once that was resolved they were showing recurring fevers and one, Santee, had a very swollen belly. The first 2 vets would not consider what else it might be, but after a lot of research and finding the right people to help, we were finally on a road to recovery!
Miniconjou died only a few days after she got to my home, but her 4 sisters, Teton, Lala, Santee and Tanka survived and fought this battle hard. They were named for the Sioux warriors and with the help of Dr. Adams of City Vet, they fought like warriors! And won!
Thank you all for your part in their recovery! Words can not express my gratitude.


CITY VET: DR. ADAMS, JASON AND THE REST OF THE STAFF: Thank you for looking past the FIP diagnosis and finding what was hurting these girls! Thank you for your patience and compassion in treating them and helping me to treat them at home. The courteous and kind manner of everyone on staff at City Vet was calming and contagious:) I walked out of there feeling confident and hopeful every time. I could tell you were all rooting for these girls!http://www.cityvetnyc.com/

CARE FOR CATS/LARI OLSEN: Thank you for rescuing these girls from that back yard in Bay Ridge and caring for them while they nursed from their mama. Thank you for your help and advise in caring for the girls and for listening when I felt so helpless. And thank you for your ongoing and tireless TNR and rescue efforts in NYC.http://www.nydailynews.com/lifestyle/pets/2010/04/17/2010-04-17_trapneuterreturn_nonprofit_gives_feral_cats_humane_way_to_live_9_lives.html

FAITH POPCORN: Your generosity and compassion for these girls and so many other animals is truly amazing. Thank you for your contribution to the care for these girls (and all the others).

FAITH POPCORN'S BRAINRESERVE (my office): Thank you all for letting me bring the girls to the office with me when they needed round the clock care. Your patience, tolerance and understanding are so kind. Thank you also for the donations to the girls' vet care and testing. http://www.faithpopcorn.com/

IRENE DE VILLIERS: Thank you for coaching me through the FIP scare and for reviewing their blood work. Your help and advise helped us rule out FIP and turn the corner to recovery! The answers and hope you provided helped me keep it together and keep going. I admire you for dedicating your practice, personal time and research to FIP.http://www.angelfire.com/fl/furryboots/fip.html

FRIENDS OF ANIMAL RESCUE (FOAR): Thank you for your contribution to the girls' vet care!http://friendsofanimalrescue.com/

MR IRSAY: Thank you for your contribution to the girls' vet care.

THE GIRLS' NEW HOMES/ADOPTERS: Thank you for providing a safe and happy home for these girls!

NORTH BROOKLYN CATS (LISA AND SHAWN) AND EVA: Thank you for coming to the rescue with supplies and advise. Thank you for listening when I felt overwhelmed and scared. Thank you for including us in your adoption events at Muddy Paws where all 4 girls were adopted! Thank you for all the work you do to rescue so many cats and kittens. North BK Cats: http://www.facebook.com/pages/North-Brooklyn-Cats/125040640883852 and Eva:http://www.flickr.com/photos/evapro/

MUDDY PAWS PET SUPPLY: Thank you for your generosity in allowing North Brooklyn Cats to host adoption events in your store (Williamsburg, BK). It helps so many cats and kittens find new homes. http://www.muddypawsny.com/

FLICKR/TWITTER FRIENDS: Thank you for your kind words and thoughts, your help in promoting adoption events and for cheering us on!

TAMMY CROSS/KITTEN LITTLE RESCUE: Thank you for your advise and calming words. http://www.kittenlittlerescue.com/index.html

CITY CRITTERS: Thank you for making room for us on your van to get the girls spayed! http://www.citycritters.org/

YAHOO GROUP: FIP_SUPPORT: Thank you for your support and help along the way. This is such a great group.http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/FIP_Support/

AND A SPECIAL THANKS TO BIG CITY LITTLE KITTY'S (MY) RESIDENT CATS, EKO AND TIGRA for tolerating not just another litter, but a litter that needed a lot of care which took up all of your mama time. Thank you for teaching these girls how to be big cats when they were finally healthy and out and about in YOUR home. And thank you for letting these little girls sleep in your favorite spots in mama's bed.


  1. Just a note to thank you for what you are doing to help animals in need. I love calico cats! The first cat who lived with me after I left home was a calico named C.C. (Calico Cat, get it?) LOL. My son now has a calico kitten named C.C.

  2. Thank you! And that is sooo cute! Give C.C. a kiss on the nose for me!