Friday, December 10, 2010

Its Cat and Kitten Girls Weekend All Weekend!

Two Cat and Kitten Adoption Events This Weekend!
Saturday 12/18 Greenpoint Craft Fair 12-6pm
Sunday 12/19 Muddy Paws Pet Supply 2-6pm
(Details of both events at end of post)
These girls want to go home with someone!
If you are ready for a new best friend,
your baby girl or just a good time;)
these girls are primped and ready!

Big City Little Kitty Fosters:

Doing her best, "Come on up and see me some time"
and her sister

Previous posts will tell the tail of Tanka and Santee!

North Brooklyn Cats Fosters:

A calm and cool adult cat.
She is a mama and nursed not only her own kittens,
but another kitten (Kiki) that had been put in her cage at the shelter.
Her kittens are ready for adoption and she is now ready to be someone's baby:)
Nora's photo was taken from Lisacat's Flickr photostream:

A sweet little orphaned kitten that ended up at the city shelter all by herself!
Luckily, Nora(above) adopted, nursed and loved her as her own.
She is now ready for her new home.
Kiki's photo was taken from Lisacat's Flickr photostream:

One of Nora's kittens
Mimi's photo was taken from Lisacat's Flickr photostream:

A little girl who found her way into a bodega.
She'd like to find a way into a new home.

There may be a couple more, so come on by!

Event Details:

Greenpoint Craft Fair Saturday 12/18/10 12pm to 6pm
Greenpoint Brooklyn
Lutheran Church of the Messiah
129 Russell St.
Brooklyn, NY. 11222

Muddy Paws Pet Supplies Sunday 12/19/10 2pm to 6pm
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
447 Graham Avenue at Richardson St.
Brooklyn, NY. 11211

Adoption information:

More of our foster kittens in search of new homes:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Miracle on 40th Street

The girls are ready for their new home!
After fighting a mystery illness, it was finally solved and treated!
The Calico girls are finally healthy, happy and ready for adoption!
They are spayed, vaccinated, FIV/FELV negative, fecal test is clear
and blood work is PURRFECT!!!
Here they are!
They've come a long way since they arrived at this foster home back in June!
They were rescued by CARE for Cats, Inc. from a backyard in Bay Ridge.
Baby Santee
Baby Tanka
They were not doing so well and the vets were stumped.
Finally, after a lot of research, we went to City Vet in LIC, NY to see Dr. Adams.
She did blood work and recommended a treatment.
While they were ill and during their recovery
Santee always took care of her sissy
She held her tight for hours on end and they
provided each other with love and comfort

Tanka had it the hardest, and amazingly she has made a full recovery
This was truly a miracle (of science)
Now that they are fully recovered
they are the playful and loving kittens they were meant to be!
And when they aren't playing,
they are napping together
They even played dress up for Halloween together!
It was the perfect costume for such strong fighters!
The last time they went to the vet
Santee protected Tanka in the carrier by laying on top of her so she could hide.
She was a little scared of a doggie that walked in
They both love human affection too!
These girls are master snugglers!
They sleep curled up close to me at night in my bed.
Here Santee was on my lap as I did research for a couple of hours.
She was happy just to be hanging out with her foster mama!
And Tanka,
watch how she wakes up and rolls around for belly rubs!
These girls LOVE to play!
Here is Santee on a little break from playing ball
They both love watching the birdies out the window!
And if you haven't noticed, Tanka has the cutest little bushy tail!
I would love for them to be adopted together,
that would be the best Christmas gift ever!

I am fostering these beauties in Sunnyside, NY (Queens)
If you are interested in adopting these girls please email
Or come to North Brooklyn Cats adoption event in Williamsburg, Brooklyn:
There will be other sweet kitties looking for homes there too!
For adoption information see our petfinder page at: