Monday, November 21, 2011

Argyle and Corduroy find a home!

Argyle and Corduroy were late additions to the fabric store colony.
I spayed 5 females there
and took in 2 kittens, Dungaree and Burlap, in June.
The store owner and I thought that colony was finished, until...
He called me in September
to tell me a mom and 2 kittens were in the back yard.
I went to check it out, I was sure he was mistaken!
But, sure enough, there they were.
Two little long haired kittens too young to TNR.
So I told him I'd be back the next week to trap
I couldn't get their mama (I'll go back)
but I got the 2 little ones
They moved in to Big City Little Kitty's foster home
to learn a few things about being house cats
1. These big humans aren't so bad
2. Humans have lots of food
3. Couches are awesome
4. Beds are even more awesome
5. Snuggling rocks!
And day at a North Brooklyn Cats'
adoption event at Muddy Paws...
They were adopted!
Here they are in their new together, forever home!
(Pics provided by their new awesome mama)
Their new names may be Lawrence and Taylor,
(No, not after the football player)
but the names are to be confirmed later

Yep, they're livin' the dream!
Play all night, sleep all day!
They even have a lovely garden to supervise!
I hear they are doing great,
mom and pop are in love with them
and they are not shy at all!
They are both talkers too:)
Mom says "Argyle talks when he wants something,
And Corduroy calls for him when she's looking for him"
They were both a couple of chatter boxes here too!
Another happy ending for Big City Little Kitty!

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where so many kitties find their homes:)

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"My name is Charlie"...Charlie's looking for his Angel

Once upon a time, there were two little kittens who were dumped at a feral cat colony, where they were each exposed to some very hazardous conditions. One of them was never seen again. But I was taken away from all that, and now Big City Little Kitty works for me, my name is Charlie.
I walked into a warehouse where I manage a feral cat colony
and a kitten came running up to me.
I thought, WHAT?
He was not feral in any way, shape or form.
He came straight up to me and introduced himself.
I was told there were 2, but the other had not been seen for a week:(
All of the cats in the warehouse were named after characters on LOST, and considering he was a skinny little thing with light hair and gorgeous eyes, I named him Charlie.
Charlie offered me a job, to rescue him.
I had to accept this offer
as I couldn't sleep at night knowing he was left there unattended.
And so, I became, "Charlie's Angel".

It seems Charlie had another angel, a feral cat I had spayed 2 years ago when she was only 4 months old. She followed us everywhere we turned in the warehouse, watching every move I made with the kitten she had been protecting. This was odd because on any other day she would never have revealed herself or her whereabouts to me.
Thanks Beauty!
Another one of Charlie's Angels.
Charlie had an enormous belly, full of worms and who knows what parasites!
Aside from that gigantic belly, the rest of him was skin and bones.
So I borrowed a carrier from Mildred, she lives around the corner, and she drove us home.
I de-wormed him asap and gave him a bath.
I cleared the caked on dirt crammed between his toes
and the fleas and other bugs out of his fur.
He cleaned up nice!
And after a couple of days his belly was looking a little more normal!
I'm a sucker for a little bird legged, big bellied kitten!
And now he's happy as can be!
He one of the most docile, content, happy kittens I have ever met.
He does not cry to be let out, but loves getting scooped up for a snuggle!
And man does he love that Teddy Bear!
Charlie's looking for one more good angel, a forever angel.
Are you Charlie's Angel?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Burlap and Dungaree were Adopted!!! TOGETHER!!!

Burlap and Dungaree have one last good snuggle
at Big City Little Kitty Foster Home
Last Friday, a LOVELY couple came to meet Burlap and Dungaree. They, of course, fell in love with both of them. So when the mama asked the papa, "So what do you want to do?" and he said "Whatever you want to do, but I don't want to break them up" she said "Lets take them both." YES! And then I fell in love with them!
They get to go TOGETHER!
So I had to say good bye:(
I gave them some good bye treats and a good kiss and snuggle.
They have a 2 year old cat at home, Shag, he used to have 2 feline friends at their home in St. Louis! So they brought them home! I just heard from them and when I asked how things are going..."FANTASTIC"! Woohoo!
Dungaree and Burlap were part of a TNR project in Astoria, Queens.
They were found in the back yard of a fabric store.
They were a little skinny, had eye infections and in need of a good de-worming:)
But before long, they were purrfect!
I am so happy for these guys!!!
They really got a great new home with such a lovely couple!
Best of luck to you Burlap and Dungaree!

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North Brooklyn Cats hosts an adoption even every weekend at Muddy Paws Pet Supply in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They are in the back yard (inside when its cold) every weekend on either Saturday or Sunday from 2-6pm. Check out their facebook page, North Brooklyn Cats or their Yelp Events page to find out which day it will be!
Here's the yelp event page for this week, October 2nd
and another amazing adoption poster from Lisa Vallez!
Good luck!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Official! Marco gets a happy ending!

Marco was adopted last week and today I just received word "he has stolen our hearts"! Attaboy! So, its official, Marco "The Mush" has a forever home, with a mama and a papa and a big sis! I've been informed he is eating like crazy, snuggling like a pro and doing a little happy dance when he's "especially happy"! This last one I witnessed when I dropped him off, he'd shake his butt and dance/knead with is front paws with his head up high!

Here he is the day I said goodbye to him!
Did he grow up into a handsome little guy or what?!
A far cry from what he looked like when I got him...
Marco was rescued by Annie, of Kitty Loft. He was 1 of 5 kittens nursing from a mama who had a broken leg and only weighed 4 lbs. Needless to say, their mom was not providing her FIVE kittens with the nutrients they desperately needed, so the kittens had a rough start. 2 did not make it, 2 did very well and Marco was in bad shape. He was half the size (14 oz) of his sisters (30 oz) and not eating at all.

I asked if I could take him for a bit as I can take him to work and provide round the clock care, syringe feeding and a close eye. It worked!
Here he is at my office with his napkin bib on for a syringe feeding,
one of his most famous photos;)
Marco was soon eating on his own and thriving!
He quickly mastered the art of snuggling
and his cuteness level was through the roof!
I had not planned on adopting him out so quickly, but at an adoption event, sponsored by North Brooklyn Cats, at Muddy Paws...
he was settled into his kitten sling and his new family walked in and immediately fell in love! They had done their due diligence to find the right cat, looking at several rescues and taking their time to make a decision, the saw Marco and the deal was sealed! I fell in love too, with a lovely couple that wanted to provide a safe, loving and nurturing home for my little Marco. His name is Bruno now, but they mostly call him "Little Guy". I am so grateful and my heart is full of joy knowing he will spend his life in such a loving home.

What a great ending for such a sweet kitty:)
More pictures and stories about Marco/Bruno are here

November 2011 Update:
Marco doing well and all snuggled in with his big sis, Smokey!
He is super playful, running, jumping and playing fetch!
But his best skill is still the snuggle:)
February 2012 Update:
Marco looking good!
His mom says "He is the center of our universe and has the most happy, friendly, playful, snuggly personality I've ever seen in a cat..."
May 2012 Update:
Marco's 1 year old!
1 year old and up to 10 lbs! I first met Marco when he was about 10 oz! Mom says he is doing great, his official name is still Marco, but he's mostly called Little Guy;)
And he still has that awesome bushy tail! Love it!
 Oh, this is too much!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


We're Burlap and Dungaree!
We used to live in a back yard behind a fabric store in Astoria (hence our names). Our foster mom came and told our mom she'd take us to her home to be "pets" and had our mom and her friends spayed so they'd never have to worry about food and shelter for kittens ever again!
We were not keen on the "pets" thing at first, but man, we've got to admit, THIS IS THE LIFE!

I'm Burlap!
I'm Dungaree!
We love to snuggle!
Sometimes our foster mom wakes up to get ready for "work" and we do this to make her get back in bed for more snuggle time! It works every time!
We love our foster mom!
She's nice and soft for kneading!
And makes a really warm and soft pillow!
We'd really like a chance to be adopted together:)
So, new mama and/or papa, we're ready!
We'll be sitting here waiting for you!
Burlap and Dungaree

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Neighborhood Watch: Kittens in Training

Eko and Tigra work tirelessly to secure their perimeter in Sunnyside, Queens
"I think its time for the kittens to earn their keep,
time for them to take a shift"
So Eko trained the kittens
"Attaboy, keep your focus"
"OK kid, you're on your own, you can do it"
So the kittens took the window
"Excuse me, mom, why isn't Marco working?"
Marco the slacker!
So Marco joined the team
and the complaining began...
"I'm tired"
"I'm bored"
Dungaree, sleeping on the job
"You've got to be kidding me! This is pathetic!"
"Kittens are useless"
"Does that mean we can go play?!"
"Yes, you can all go play now"
"Good, this is exhausting! I think I need a nap"
And Eko gets back to work