Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Official! Marco gets a happy ending!

Marco was adopted last week and today I just received word "he has stolen our hearts"! Attaboy! So, its official, Marco "The Mush" has a forever home, with a mama and a papa and a big sis! I've been informed he is eating like crazy, snuggling like a pro and doing a little happy dance when he's "especially happy"! This last one I witnessed when I dropped him off, he'd shake his butt and dance/knead with is front paws with his head up high!

Here he is the day I said goodbye to him!
Did he grow up into a handsome little guy or what?!
A far cry from what he looked like when I got him...
Marco was rescued by Annie, of Kitty Loft. He was 1 of 5 kittens nursing from a mama who had a broken leg and only weighed 4 lbs. Needless to say, their mom was not providing her FIVE kittens with the nutrients they desperately needed, so the kittens had a rough start. 2 did not make it, 2 did very well and Marco was in bad shape. He was half the size (14 oz) of his sisters (30 oz) and not eating at all.

I asked if I could take him for a bit as I can take him to work and provide round the clock care, syringe feeding and a close eye. It worked!
Here he is at my office with his napkin bib on for a syringe feeding,
one of his most famous photos;)
Marco was soon eating on his own and thriving!
He quickly mastered the art of snuggling
and his cuteness level was through the roof!
I had not planned on adopting him out so quickly, but at an adoption event, sponsored by North Brooklyn Cats, at Muddy Paws...
he was settled into his kitten sling and his new family walked in and immediately fell in love! They had done their due diligence to find the right cat, looking at several rescues and taking their time to make a decision, the saw Marco and the deal was sealed! I fell in love too, with a lovely couple that wanted to provide a safe, loving and nurturing home for my little Marco. His name is Bruno now, but they mostly call him "Little Guy". I am so grateful and my heart is full of joy knowing he will spend his life in such a loving home.

What a great ending for such a sweet kitty:)
More pictures and stories about Marco/Bruno are here

November 2011 Update:
Marco doing well and all snuggled in with his big sis, Smokey!
He is super playful, running, jumping and playing fetch!
But his best skill is still the snuggle:)
February 2012 Update:
Marco looking good!
His mom says "He is the center of our universe and has the most happy, friendly, playful, snuggly personality I've ever seen in a cat..."
May 2012 Update:
Marco's 1 year old!
1 year old and up to 10 lbs! I first met Marco when he was about 10 oz! Mom says he is doing great, his official name is still Marco, but he's mostly called Little Guy;)
And he still has that awesome bushy tail! Love it!
 Oh, this is too much!


  1. YAY! Have a great life, Mr. Marco, I'm so glad I got a chance to meet you. You are so brave and have grown into such a fine little young kitty. Thanks to all who helped save this little lion.

  2. MARRRRRCOOO!!!! Im so happy for you!!
    I will miss you cuddling at my feet and snuggling at my desk BUT im so glad you have a new family :)
    YAY for Marco!!!

  3. congratulations! you did a great job turning him around!

  4. He is beautiful. You did such a fantastic job nursing him back to health. I hope that he has a long, happy and healthy life with his new family.

  5. I am so happy Marco got a life long home I wonder what happened to his Mom & siblings? I am not sure when you say his Brother & Sister they are house mates or blood related, What an awesome job taking care of Marco from 10oz. to 10lbs. bravo! I have 3 cats 2 recues 1 free kitten There are so many If I could afford it I would have a farm for all the homeless &

    abused animals wonderful people in the world that help my heart goes out to them Kelli Flanagan

  6. Thanks for doing the great job of saving such a beautiful cat. Couldn't help but ask, how about Marco's mama cat with only 4 lbs and a broken leg, did she make it? How is she now?

    1. She is feral. She was treated at a shelter in a large set up for ferals and was released back to her outside home and last I heard was doing well on her 3 legs!