Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cocktails and Kittens!

Raptor is still in need of a loving furrever home. This has become a challenge because she is very nervous and defensive at adoption events, and to potential adopters who come to meet her. She is the sweetest girl, but she needs time to get to know new people. I've decided to start having "Cocktails and Kittens" on Saturday nights, to introduce her to new people and try to reduce her anxiety around strangers. This kicked off last night with our dear friend, and friend to all animals, Rebecca!
 I was prepared with food and wine for us girls, and for the cats I had treats, toys and some new, fancy cat dancers! The cat dancers were a HIT! Even Oki came out, and she prefers to stay under the bed when visitors come by. Last night, she could not resist! Oh, and Rebecca brought over some peanut butter Newman-Os, OMC, how did I not know about these?!
 Eko was confused - "Wait, ma, I thought we were doing this with treats. What's up?"
"No, Eko, we're using the cat dancers. You guys have had plenty of treats already tonight."
 Then Raptor chimed in, "I could go for some more treats."
"No, Raptor, go back and play."
 And she did. She was engaged with Rebecca, and the cat dancer, for the evening. She still slipped some diva in here and there, but for the most part, she did very well. 
 I was really impressed with Oki! It took her about an hour, but she came out, and she stayed out and played for the rest of the night. I couldn't believe it! Note, I was totally digging Rebecca's sneakers, and I think Raptor was too. She's curled up at her feet here. 
 Good girl, Raptor. I'm so thankful, and I think this is a great way to expose her to new people. I hope it helps her find her furrever home. Thank you so much, Rebecca! 
Cocktails and Kittens!

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