Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Big Week for the Sandy Kittens!

Here is Ganesha at 8 weeks old!
He's so cute:)
8 Weeks old means time to go to City Vet!
Isabelle welcomed them with nuzzles and snuggles!
Jason weighed them in!
Then it was time to see Dr. Jules! 
Or Dr. Adams if your not a kitten;)
Good boy Ganesha! Looking good!
Lakshmi put up a fight, but she was given the thumbs up too!
 Look at those strong teeth!
 They received their first FVRCP vaccination and headed home!
That was last weekend, now they are 9 weeks old!
Even though they are not quite ready for adoption yet, I brought them to North Brooklyn Cats' Adoption Event at Muddy Paws so they could get some practice in!
They were not excited to travel to their big debut...
BUT...once they were there, they had such a great time!
Lakshmi was the belle of the ball!
She head bumped everyone that pet her
She REALLY liked the catnip candy canes!
And perhaps the best thing that happened all day...someone came in and fell for them. They have a home! I explained they were not ready to go home yet, but as soon as they are spayed and neutered, they will be ready to go! Their new mom and dad seem absolutely lovely and I just can't wait to bring them to their new home, even though its always hard to say good bye.
Happy Holidays!
Stay Tuned!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

We are rambunctious!

We're 7 weeks old and we're loving every minute of it!
We love playing and jumping!
And of course climbing!
Even though we love to play, and my big brother Ganesha eats like a big boy, I still like my bottle:) I'm big, but I'm still the baby.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sooo Big!

How big are the babies? 
Soooooooo Big!
The little ones are getting big! They are 6 weeks old! 
They are using the litter box like champs, but are clinging to the bottle! 
I saw Ganesha eating some dry food today, so maybe this weekend. Look at that face, he is wondering why I am not holding him, he's a snuggle addict!

They are really playful now and are getting very sturdy on their feet!
They can pounce,

Crab Walk, Stalk,
 Hide, Seek,
 And they are experimenting with jumping!
Ganesha found his way over to me and climbed on my lap while Lakshmi posed for a photo shoot!
 Look at that pretty girl!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Guys, guys, it's a litter box, not a sand box!

The kittens are a little too young for litter box training, but I have a little one in there so they can crawl through it and explore it etc. They have decided it is their own personal play time sand box! Kitten cuteness and wrestling montage!

It always starts the same way, kittens doing cute and sweet things, until...

The wrestling begins!

At some point, Lakshmi had enough!
So she made her way off to a nap.

So Ganesha won the rights to the litter box! 
We call that "Winner Winner Kitten Dinner".
 They play outside of the litter box too;)

Kitten Fight!

Lakshmi and Ganesha are doing very well.
They were working through an eye infection last week, but it didn't stop them from wrestling!
(Their eye infections cleared up! Thanks Auntie Eva for the eye meds!)

 They get cuter every day, and bigger!
Here are some pics from last week, and they are already so much bigger! It's so hard to keep up!
Ganesha is a full ounce bigger than his sister.
 He's a big mush and loves his Teddy Bear, donated by Auntie Sherrie!
 Eyes are now wide open, stay tuned for more pics!
 Lakshmi is doing well too!
 Not her most glam picture, but one any bottle feeding foster mom can appreciate, a content kitten with a full, fat belly.
 Again, their eyes are wide open now, stay tuned for more pics.

 You can see how she was recovering from her eye infection here. A little red and closed.
 She loves to stretch and practice her swim stroke in the air, she is fascinated by her own paws and how they move!