Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thank You Mildred!

Mildred is a friend I met in Long Island City when I lived there. She lived a block away and we met one night when I was feeding My Little Girl.
I learned she was her caregiver and had her fixed years ago. We started talking and I realized she had been performing TNR on that block for many years. However, it wasn't "TNR" to her, she did not even know what "TNR" stood for, she just saw a problem and stepped up to help fix it. I LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS! She tells me all the time how she "doesn't do that anymore," but she still dabbles:) She said years ago she had crates stacked upon crates and got the street cats fixed and put back out and the friendly ones all got homes. She feeds on her block daily and when she sees someone without an eartip she either traps them herself or she gets in touch with a local TNR group CARE for Cats to get them fixed.
Well...OOPS! She did it again!
Mildred's husband, Johnny, alerted her there was a mom and 2 kittens
across the street living under a porch.
(above photo provided by Mildred)
Mildred had seen the mom a few months before then but not since.
So off Mildred went with her trap!
She got the mama and then she got her 2 babies.
LOOK at these beautiful kittens!
I went by to check them out and I have never seen kittens so young with a winter undercoat!
It was AMAZING! True fur balls!
They were all hissy and nasty for about a day...
now they sit on her chest and lap and purrrrrr!
Mildred has learned the mom was an indoor cat
and was left out with the garbage when someone moved:(
Left out in the cold in November to fend for herself.
(above photo provided by Mildred)
She found shelter under a porch and ended up pregnant.
Mildred has already found the babies a great,
new home with another lovely person in the neighborhood (her story to come)
and is working on placement for the mom.
The cats on Mildred's block in Long Island City are lucky to have her looking after them and I am thankful for her selfless efforts.

Here's to Mildred and the Long Island City street cats!
Thank you Mildred!


  1. God bless all the Mildreds.

  2. What an Angel you are Mildred! Thank you for all you do!

  3. A big Texas "THANK YOU" to Mildred!!

  4. I hope the Momma finds a loving home. She deserves it! and thank you Mildred, if I had my own home I'd take in many strays and find them homes. I wish I could....

  5. Great Story! I wish more people would engage in such beautiful acts of kindness and humanity. The world would be a better place.