Friday, March 8, 2013

Junior visits Big City Little Kitty!

It's Junior!
His mama (and rescuer) brought him to say hello!
How cute is this little guy?!
If you remember the story of the Sandy Kittens, you will remember that one of the kittens was taken back by mama after the storm. This is him! Once he was eating on his own and showing up to the feeding spot, Rachael nabbed him and started socializing!
Look at this guys markings, amazing!
He's such a cutie! He had absolutely no fear! He stood his ground in front of papa Eko, he hunkered down to show respect, but did not give up his position, I LOVE IT!
He played with the cat dancer, chased the laser and just had a good old time!
When Rachael heard kittens, just days old, crying in her back yard as hurricane Sandy was rolling in, she didn't walk away, she helped. She watched to see if mama would come back, and when the storm picked up and the kittens were not in a safe place she picked them up, grabbed bottles and formula and saved them. Kudos Rachael! When Junior started coming around for food, she took him in planning to adopt him out...and just like that, he stole her heart and she stole his. She Junior's mama now! 
Junior walks on a leash and climbs trees! What a life! 
Rachael is now prepping to TNR the feral colony in her back yard!!!
I love a happy ending:)