Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kittens from Sandy

OK Ted-E-Bear, you're up! A lovely woman, Rachel, from Brooklyn emailed me Monday around 11pm. She said she had found 3 kittens in the yard earlier that day, the mother is not around and she had monitored them hoping mom would return. The kittens were wet and cold and the storm was picking up, so she took them in. She is headed out of town and needs someone to care for them while she is away. When she returns she will find them homes and I told her I'd help her get mom and the kittens spayed/neutered. This morning, they saw mom and quickly headed out with the strongest kitten. Mom grabbed the kitten and took off. She did not come back for the other two.
Rachel and her boyfriend are headed out of town, so they brought the 2 remaining kittens to me. They are about a week and a half old. Eyes closed and both weighing in at a little over 5 oz. She says the black and white one is not doing as well as the gray and white, so I gave fluids. They both ate really well and so far seem feisty and well. Kittens this young really struggle to make it without their moms, I'll do my best. Huge thanks to Rachel for doing such a great job this week.
Upon arrival, Papa Eko checked them in.
"Hey Little Guys! Welcome to Big City Little Kitty Foster Home!"
"They look OK mom, but I'm going in for a closer look."
"Yep, they smell pretty good too!"
Here they are! They both ate very well and went potty just fine. I got some feeding video, but blogger can't seem to process it, so if it works on Flickr I'll add the link.
Nice warm nest with a soft bed and plenty of formula in their bellies:)
A cuddly teddy bear to curl up with for sleepy time, a foster mama to feed and snuggle them and Papa Eko to keep them safe.
And, of course, they have each other.

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