Saturday, September 15, 2012

Harrison (aka Tapiwa) is adopted!!!

Harrison, formerly Tapiwa, has been adopted! Woohoo! He has a wonderful new mom and a feline big sis!
Harrison was found in early June during a TNR project in Sunnyside, Queens. Yep, that's all 10 oz of him sucking down a supplemental bottle feeding because he was sooo little!

Soon after, he was gaining weight steadily and nursing from his mama like pro! 
His mama took good care of her babies, loved them, cuddled and groomed them and most of all protected them! 
Finally, as the last hold out of the litter, he started eating on his own like a big boy! Once the kittens were big and healthy, their mama was released back to her colony and the kittens had a human foster mama. I hear from their mama's caregiver that she is doing very well and shows up for dinner every night:)

This little guy was PURE SUGAR! I called him "Space Invader" because he had absolutely no regard for personal space, he just had to be close at all times! His new mama says he is a " happy little dude that loves to snuggle and play" and that the very first night he climbed in to bed with her cuddling and purring! He's even starting to win over his new feline big sister! How could she resist?! 

 She also told us his new name is Harrison, as in Harrison Ford of Raiders of the Lost Ark!
She says "You can almost hear the theme music as he tears through the apart- ment"..yah, we can totally see that!
Congratulations to Harrison and his new family!!! 

Thank you, little guy, for sharing so much love while you were here, you really are a "gift of nature". Thank you to Harrison's new mama for providing him a wonderful home and a bright and happy future. What a lucky lady:)

Update! Here he is in his new home! Charming his new big sis and looking REALLY handsome!

And here he is playing with water, always awesome!

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  1. Oh Tapiwa! I'm so very happy for you! And named after Harrison Ford, that is a double score! My boy Spike goes by Jones sometimes as in "Indiana Jones" so I still feel a connection with you! You were one of my favorites (dont' tell the others) Happy life to you!