Saturday, October 31, 2009

AWE! Such love!

With Kate/Lakshmi, Sawyer, Lee/Duncan and Dharma all adopted, our foster home is taking a break. Eko and Tigra were on the couch with me last night and it was all love and snuggles! So sweet! Enjoy! I took these videos one right after another as they were falling asleep

Eko is totally passed out here, and when Tigra moves he reaches his paws out to get a better grip, without even opening his eyes

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dharma finds a home!

And get this...
Her new mom, Katherine, is a friend of Dharma's brother Duncan's mom, Anne!
Dharma and Duncan (AKA Lee) will be living within a couple of blocks of each other!
Here is Dharma settling in. She LOVES that blanket she is laying on! As soon as she layed on that blanket the paws started kneading and the purr motor started going!
So Dharma has a mom, a dad AND a big brother!!!
This handsome devil is Mack! Here he is sniffing Dharma's blanket.

Is he a cutie or what?! He is very cool and has the softest fur!
I got an update from Katherine tonight and she says Dharma is doing great!
She and mom are snuggling up on the couch!
We miss you Dharma!
Love and kisses to you and best of luck to you and your new family!

A few of my favorite things!

Dharma is a happy little girl. Here are a few of her favorite things!
Cat Hammocks!
Cat Naps!
Cat Dancers!
Cat Dancers attached to Cat Trees!
Cat Nip Cigars!
Hanging upside down!
And her absolute favorite thing, though I do not have any pictures because I just don't want to move when she does it, is SNUGGLING! I call her a slinky because she is always draped across me. Either across my chest, my neck, my arm, my leg, whatever! And if I am on the laptop (like now) she is curled up next to me flush against my leg (like now)! This litter of kittens had some serious snuggle time with mama and it has really stuck with them. All four of them have been cuddle junkies!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Duncan, formerly known as Lee, has settled in to his new home! His new mom and dad sent me an update AND SOME PICS!!!
Here they are, Duncan and his beautiful little sis Maebe!

Their mom told me they are best friends now! They play fight all day and night and nap together now and then. She also told me they are all in love with Duncan (Dunks for short)!

This is my favorite pic! Look at them plotting and scheming!

Just think of the shenanigans these two are pulling!

So sweet and cute! Another happy ending!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lee goes home and Dharma moves in!

Lee went to his new home yesterday!
This is his beautiful new sis!
I could not get a pic of Lee at the new place because he was VERY busy checking out the new place! He was just walking around sniffing his little heart out! So here are a couple of pics you have all seen before, but I had to put something up!
Here is Lee the first day I found him!
And here he is at 4 mos old. Awwwwe!
I got a text from his new mom letting me know all is fine. His sis is givin the hiss, but he is showing absolutely no concern, that is just sooo Lee.
Good luck Lee!
Luck and Love from your foster mama and foster cats Eko and Tigra!

Enter Dharma, Lee's sister...
Dharma was in a foster home with a neighbor, but now that Lee is adopted she has moved in with us. But first, Kitten Adoption Day at Muddy Paws in Williamsburg!
We were a little early today, so Dharma was hanging out in the hammock snug as a bug.
Then we were joined by Gracie, Stringer, Avon and a special guest, the Halloween Scary Black Cat with Glowing red eyes! Scary!
My pic of Gracie today was terrible, so I stole one off her foster mom's flickr page!
She is still available for adoption.
Stringer (left) and Avon (right) are both adopted! Stringer went home with his new mom (and dog) tonight and Avon goes home tomorrow night! Here is the brothers' last snuggle together!
Dharma did ok in the crate, but her favorite place to be was curled up in my sweater.
Stringer's new mom works at Muddy Paws and was introducing Stringer to her dog, Charlie!
This dog is amazing, he is just too cool!
Check out the patience in this pup!
Half way through the event Dharma was given a little present filled with catnip!
No luck for Dharma at the event today:(
Someone was interested and took an application for her, but we will have to wait and see if she contacts us to follow through. We will keep our paws are crossed!
For now Dharma will live with me, Eko and Tigra.
Here is Tigra getting a look at the new foster...
Dharma is doing all the hissing and growling, believe it or not! Eko and Tigra are doing pretty well. It will take a few days, but I'm sure all will be getting along just fine soon enough.
Dharma had a few complaints about being in a crate, but she soon chilled out.
Here is her little set up, plenty of room.
Ahhh, long day!

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Little Stinker!

I love this little guy.
He is such a stinker.
He is the absolute sweetest baby one minute,

and then WHAM he is a total wild man!

Look at him wrestling with Eko.

Eko is more than 3 times his size and lee has NO FEAR!!!


I will miss this little guy.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lee and Dharma go to an adoption event

Today was "Kitten Adoption Day" at Muddy Paws in Williamsburg. Lee and Dharma were troopers! They took the subway there and everything!
Muddy Paws, 447 Graham Avenue, 5 kittens looking for a home
Lee and Dharma were a little nervous at first
Lee had some objections to being in the crate

But they settled in and did really well
The other kittens are...
Grace - 4 months
Kofte - Male - 6 months
Avon - Male - 2 months
All of these kittens are very sweet and are looking for a new forever home.
Lee may have found his today!
A lovely couple put an application in for him and they have a feline playmate at home waiting for a new friend!
Cross your fingers!

Friday, October 9, 2009


What is it about clean laundry that makes a kitty say "Ahhh"?

Lee's sister Kate/Lakshmi certainly loved a clean pile of laundry
Tigra too!

"Sniff, mmmm, ahhhhh, right out of the dryer"
Of course if I was sitting next to the laundry it was even better!
Get a little closer...Don't be shy...
He is totally curled up around by back AND on top of the laundry!
Too cute!
Well, I think so. Tigra is seldom impressed with "cute" fosters,
but you can interpret that look on her face yourself.
Check out the little tongue hanging out

You know Kim, you may be right!

My friend Kim thinks Dharma and Lee may have orchestrated the whole injured paw thing so they could become house cats. Hmmmmm.