Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dharma finds a home!

And get this...
Her new mom, Katherine, is a friend of Dharma's brother Duncan's mom, Anne!
Dharma and Duncan (AKA Lee) will be living within a couple of blocks of each other!
Here is Dharma settling in. She LOVES that blanket she is laying on! As soon as she layed on that blanket the paws started kneading and the purr motor started going!
So Dharma has a mom, a dad AND a big brother!!!
This handsome devil is Mack! Here he is sniffing Dharma's blanket.

Is he a cutie or what?! He is very cool and has the softest fur!
I got an update from Katherine tonight and she says Dharma is doing great!
She and mom are snuggling up on the couch!
We miss you Dharma!
Love and kisses to you and best of luck to you and your new family!

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