Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sooo Big!

How big are the babies? 
Soooooooo Big!
The little ones are getting big! They are 6 weeks old! 
They are using the litter box like champs, but are clinging to the bottle! 
I saw Ganesha eating some dry food today, so maybe this weekend. Look at that face, he is wondering why I am not holding him, he's a snuggle addict!

They are really playful now and are getting very sturdy on their feet!
They can pounce,

Crab Walk, Stalk,
 Hide, Seek,
 And they are experimenting with jumping!
Ganesha found his way over to me and climbed on my lap while Lakshmi posed for a photo shoot!
 Look at that pretty girl!

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