Sunday, September 18, 2011


We're Burlap and Dungaree!
We used to live in a back yard behind a fabric store in Astoria (hence our names). Our foster mom came and told our mom she'd take us to her home to be "pets" and had our mom and her friends spayed so they'd never have to worry about food and shelter for kittens ever again!
We were not keen on the "pets" thing at first, but man, we've got to admit, THIS IS THE LIFE!

I'm Burlap!
I'm Dungaree!
We love to snuggle!
Sometimes our foster mom wakes up to get ready for "work" and we do this to make her get back in bed for more snuggle time! It works every time!
We love our foster mom!
She's nice and soft for kneading!
And makes a really warm and soft pillow!
We'd really like a chance to be adopted together:)
So, new mama and/or papa, we're ready!
We'll be sitting here waiting for you!
Burlap and Dungaree

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