Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lucas is getting big!

Lucas is now 2.5 months! He has had another visit with his future dad and is still hanging out with his foster cats, Eko and Tigra. He will stay with us until he is big enough to get the rest of his shots and be neutered. Here he is napping with his foster human.
His favorite thing to do is play tag with Tigra. Forgive me for not catching that on video yet, it is so cute. He also LOVES to wrestle! He goes from Eko to Tigra, to Eko to Tigra pouncing on them and wrestling every chance he gets. Here he is wrestling with Eko.

Eko, his foster papa, just wants to give him a bath! He has been trying for over a month! Here he is FINALLY getting a few licks in!

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