Sunday, May 26, 2013

1 Cat + 1 bag of catnip, Bake at 420, Enjoy

I don't feel anything.
Just give it a minute, Buster.
I still don't feel it
Are you sure, Buster? Cuz it looks like you're REALLY digging that blanket.
I love this blanket
What kind of pawsome blanket is this?
Buster, are you drooling?

What color is this blanket? Is it red? Is it orange? Is it some crazy red/orange combo?
Buster, are you feeling it yet?
 Holy meow! Look at my paw!
It has claws and sh^t!
 That's so cool Buster!
What's cool? What were we talking about?
 What's going on with your ear, Buster?
 I don't know, man, but this feels sooo good.
Ear rubs are meowing pawsome.
I really love this blanket.
What was that?!
What was what, Buster?

Pawsome. Let's do that again.

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