Monday, May 27, 2013

Buster's in a foster home!

A lovely couple came to Muddy Paws last weekend. They were unsure if they wanted to adopt a cat, but were open to the idea of fostering. I told them to think on it and let me know...they did.
A few days later I had a goodbye [for now] play date with Buster before I dropped him off.
He's soooo fun!

He loves catnip too, see last post. 
He is getting to know the laser better, but is still a little scared of it. First time EVER in this house, TOO FUNNY!

I won't show you how he feels about the cat dancer, PANIC! I left that in the other room.
This is how I left him at his foster home. He was perfectly fine just sitting in his carrier, thank you very much! 
That was Saturday, I checked in with his foster parents today and they said:
"It's going well! He was spending a lot of time hiding under our couch, but yesterday and today he has started to get a lot more comfortable." 
"He seems to get afraid when he hears people walking up and down the stairs in the building"
AWE:) I love that little muffin:)
He was a little scared with me too at first, I told them it sounded like things were going well and I'd see them next weekend to take him to the adoption event. 
Good luck, Buster.


  1. Wherenis Buster now? Was he adopted?

    1. Hi Sarah. No, he has not been adopted...yet. He is losing his foster home 3/15, we may have another foster home lined up for him, but we'd love if he would find his furrever home instead. He's been abandoned a few times through his life and is finally safe, loved and stable. We'd love this to be his last transition.