Saturday, June 1, 2013

Buster's Settling in to his Foster Home

I spoke with Buster's foster parents today. They say he is doing very well! 
His foster mama posted this picture:
"Buster is settling in just fine."
 2 words: Awesome + Sauce!
He was very nervous at first. They told me that for the first few days he would hide under the couch when they returned to the apartment after work or being out. Now, when they come home he's there waiting for them! OOOOO! They are so lucky;)
I also hear he sleeps on the little couch at the foot of their bed!
What a lucky guy, I am so grateful to his foster parents for taking him in and showing him love and compassion while he is in search of his furrever home. What a wonderful, generous act. 
Aaaaand! This is their first cat adventure! How exciting to learn the wonderful world of cats! 
His foster mama also posted this pic:
"Keyboard cat taking a summer daze nap."
I love it! 
Enjoy your time with your loving, foster family, Buster. 
I'll see you tomorrow for the adoption event!

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