Saturday, September 7, 2013


On June 2, 2013, a woman found a tiny kitten in the street when she was parking her car. She cleaned her up and brought her to a North Brooklyn Cats adoption event. I had just finished a semester, so I said I would foster her and find her a home. She weighed only 4.8 ounces. She was a SCREAMER for the first couple of days, so I named her Raptor.
She took to the bottle quickly, which was a relief.
Eko and Tigra were very eager to meet our new foster kitten. 

Raptor was settling in.

Soon she was drinking bottles like a boss.
She learned quickly that I was her foster mama and I'd be taking good care of her.
On June 4th, Raptor opened her eyes for the first time, we were late for work due to the excitement.
By June 5, her eyes were open wide. 
Little ones have to eat every few hours, so Raptor came to the office with me every day.
Office kittens make for a happy work day.
And every night, she came home with me. Eko and Tigra kept a close eye on the new baby.

This tiny little muffin had stolen our hearts.
She was a very happy baby, she greeted me with adorableness every morning. 
"Hi Mom!:
She started stealing everyone's hearts! Marco's mama and papa fell in love and told me they wanted to adopt her. 

This beautiful young boy came to visit her on the weekends at the adoption events. 
She learned to eat all by herself.
This was her last day at the office.

She was getting so big, it was time to put her in a big girl crate. Eko made sure it was safe. 
And on June 12, she got teeth!
She started spending time in the big bed!

She even stole a snuggle from Tigra! 
(Tigra doesn't like kittens)
She was getting so big, so fast!
Once she tested negative for FELV/FIV, it was time to bring her a friend. She needed the social skills she was not getting as an only kitten: Enter The Pirate!
They were BFF!
They got along great, pulled off many a shenanigan, and Raptor learned a lot. 
 The Pirate was adopted by a lovely couple, and they had another little pirate at home!
Raptor kept growing and getting cuter every day:)
She was also getting sweeter by the day. 
Growing so fast, even her little orange spots were growing.
Eko taught her how to man the windowsill, she is now officially a member of the Neighborhood Cat Watch!
She never misses a Caturday morning snuggle. 
But Caturday morning snuggles are not enough for a little kitten. She wants to play. GET UP!
So we brought Lucky in to play.

Raptor is going to her forever home this weekend!
We had our last Caturday morning snuggles today, with Eko;)
Good luck, sweet girl.
Thanks for all the snuggles.
Big City Little Kitty


  1. Why do these happy posts make me cry? I love those early pics of Eko watching the baby. If one only knew the "bad" Eko, one would be worried! ;)

    1. I know, it's the good byes that kill us!
      Oh EKo, he's as good as he is BAD!
      So when he's snuggling kittens and me, is he Breaking Good?