Sunday, May 12, 2013

Buster is blue. Can you cheer him up with a new home or spread the word?

"Foster mama?"
"Yes, Buster?"
"Why doesn't anyone want to adopt me?"

"I don't know, sweetie, I think you just have to be patient."
"Is it cuz I'm not a young kitten anymore?"

"No, Buster. Lots of humans like adult kitties, especially cute, fun and quirky guys like you!"
"Is it cuz I was livin' on the streets?"

"No, Buster. Sometimes it just takes some time. There's a very special daddy or mama out there just for you with a nice, safe, forever home with lots of toys and treats."

"I promise."
"OK, I'll go to the adoption event and keep trying"
"Good boy, buddy. I'll be with you the whole time.
Snuggle up, Buttercup."

Adoption Event Info:

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