Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 1, Friday, 12/19/08 Foster Kittens come to the office!

Forgive the delay in getting this blog started, but I have had my hands full! I am fostering 2 kittens from the nyc shelter. More details to come about them.

Here is what happens in an office when you walk in with 2 kittens...
I wish I could record the noises people made when they saw how little Kara was at 2 weeks old! And the heartfelt awes and sighs when I told them Lincoln needs x-rays for his leg and how he was in line to be euthanized due to his injury when I took him. Everyone snuggled and listened to their stories.
It takes a village to foster kittens in the big city and still go to work everyday. Meet some of the office's co-fosters.

Faith is our CEO and resident animal lover and supporter! She is always excited to have foster kittens in the office! How wonderful would it be if all NYC offices had kittens running around. Free stress relief, just grab a kitten and give it a snuggle!
This is my boss, Michele, she is our CFO and expert snuggler. She jumped right in and gave the baby her bottle while I got everyone situated!

Meet Sophie, Lincoln's new mama! It only took her seconds to say "I want him"! His broken leg did not make any differnce to her, she fell in love and that was it! She adopted her first kitten, Lola, from me this summer when I fostered 7 kittens. Lola and Lincoln will both live happily ever after in their safe, loving, forever home!
And I just love this picture of Billie captured in total kitten bliss!

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