Saturday, February 8, 2014

Are you Catherine's valentine?

Hi, I'm Catherine, 
and I don't have a valentine for Valentine's Day...yet.
Would you like to hear my story? Maybe you're my valentine...
I was trapped in a basement level concrete walkway at a local school, I couldn't get to my kittens, and my kittens couldn't get to me. Thank Cats, North Brooklyn Cats came to save us. When they arrived, my baby tuxedo was crying, you can see the video here, and they rescued us, you can see more about the rescue mission here. My 5 kittens are all safe, adopted and living happily ever after, and now I hope I can have the same. So, if you're out there...
I'm a sweet girl, 
I can be goofy too,

but most of all, I just want a safe, warm, loving home, to play, rest and snuggle with someone who loves me. 
Will you be meow valentine?
If you want to meet me, contact North Brooklyn Cats at My petfinder info is here. I'm in a foster home in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

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