Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spin, the Little Kitten with the Big Heart

I'm sorry to share this sad news, but Spin has passed away. He had an enlarged heart, and we've known for quite some time this was a hospice situation. We didn't want to announce it, he never seemed to notice, and we wanted him to enjoy his limited life to the fullest and share his joy with others until it was his time, and he did. 
Here is Spin's story:

Spin was found alone as a tiny kitten. He should have been nursing from his mom, but he was only interested in dry food. Lisa, of North Brooklyn Cats, took him in and eventually got him bottle nursing, then weened him at the proper time. He had a terrible roundworm infestation, too. Despite these challenges he began to thrive. 
Around this time, my foster kitten, Lucky, needed a friend. So he came to Big City Little Kitty.
I was immediately in love with him, and he made himself right at home.
He was always happy, every minute of every day.
We learned early on that he had an enlarged heart, and some other health issues that we were unable to explain. We made every attempt to improve his health, and were successful some of the time, but his heart only worsened, and he was not well enough to withstand surgery. At this time, we knew he would not be with us for very long.
It's devastating when we realize we can't save them. It's what we do. We take them in sick, injured, scared and whatever else, patch them up, love them and place them in their happily ever after homes.
It was not time to let Spin go yet, he had a lot of love to give and a lot of fun to have. 
 He loved bags:
 Any bag would do.
He had a favorite place, the Key Bowl:

He LOVED the 'puter!

He had friends:
North Brooklyn Cats,
Bushwick Street Cats,
his Facebook friends,
Papa Eko,
 and Raptor.
 And he had me.

Something happened yesterday, we still don't know what, but he was not himself and his breathing was harsh and labored. \We took him to the vet and she confirmed this was a significant event, and that these were probably his final days. He's been on meds for a while now, and she gave him a large injectable dose to see if we could relieve some of the fluid, hoping he'd recover and have some more time with us. Last night I made him very comfortable, and kept a close eye on him.
Most of the night I was able to hold him,
other times I just stayed close.
In the morning, because he had not improved, but declined, I knew it was time to say goodbye. We got ready to go to the vet, and Shawn and Lisa, of North Brooklyn Cats, picked us up.
We said our goodbyes, and I held his head and paw as he passed on.
Spin fans: thank for all the "Likes" and love comments along the way, each and every one warmed my heart.
I created a "Best of Spin" video, full of all of his fun times. The image quality is poor, but it captures his life and if you've been following him, I think you'll enjoy it.

Thanks for all the love, Spin.
Rest well, sweet boy.

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