Sunday, December 1, 2013


My friend, Sarah, messaged my friends and me yesterday about a mama and kittens in Bushwick. Her contractor reached out to her for help as they have been feeding them and want get mom, who is feral, and her kittens either TNR'd or into good homes. Sarah asked if I could help.
My response, "I can do recon and help with trapping, but I can't foster or recover." So off we went. Here's what we found.
 One feral mama and 3 beautiful kittens. The woman who lives in the house had just returned after work was done on the house, she informed us that one had an eye infection and they had helped another with an eye infection about a month ago. So we popped the top on some wet food and tried to get a closer look.
 This is the one the woman, Carla, was speaking about. First on the scene and TOTALLY friendly to us. She says her boyfriend wants to adopt this one, but they have not decided. 
This kitten is so ready for a home. Pouncing and prancing around the yard, showing off and rubbing and rolling on things for attention. I assure you, this was ridiculous. 
 And then there were two. These kittens look great. Eyes could use some more treatment, but shiny coat, healthy body condition, great appetite and seemingly happy.
 Mama was next, and her little mini-me was still reluctant to join the party.
 But she gave in. 
 Mama kept a close eye on me, I was a little too close. When I finally got a good look at the little one, her eyes looked terrible. One was severely inflamed and the other was sealed shut, so I couldn't see. I went sans traps and carrier intentionally so I would not be tempted to bring anyone home. I regretted this choice. I had to get that kitten and treat her eyes. So...I made my move, and she made hers, and it was an epic feral kitten fight! She landed a few good bites, but I held on and we got a milk crate on top of her. Now it was time to get creative, we found a box, transferred her, and... 

 This poor little thing was terrified. I hate taking kittens from their moms, especially in a traumatic grab. 
 I had apologized to her mama and assured her I'd take good care of her and she'd be safe and loved. Then Sarah and I extended that assurance to this little baby. 
 Poor thing, those eyes.
 I wiped them clean with some warm water.
 I was happy to see the left one looked OK once I got it open. 
 She had a feral freak out and showed impressive skills at trying to climb walls and ping-ponging around the room until she found a hiding place, so I decided a crate was in order. She ran immediately to the litter box, as expected, and I went on a search around my apartment for eye meds.
 I found them. I reached in, wrapped her up and medicated her eyes. Then, this happened.
 And this.

 And a little bit of this. Isn't she cute next to the little bite marks she left on my hand?! She got a better grip on my ring finger;)
 I placed her in the crate for a little rest. 
This is one of those projects where a network of people are pitching in what they have (transportation, trapping, fostering, networking, donations, etc.) to help these guys. It's really great to see people work together. We need a foster home for 2 or maybe all three of these kittens. Please email me at if you can foster or would like to adopt. They will need some socialization. You can also help by sharing with your social networks to help us find foster/forever homes. To follow this project and this little girl's progress you can follow us on Facebook at BigCity LittleKitty.  
Thank you! 

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