Saturday, November 9, 2013

Beautiful Raptor is ready for her furrever home

The beautiful Raptor is ready for her furrever home.
Photo by Eva Prokop
Raptor came to my foster home as a wee wittle kitty
She was all alone, so she quickly formed a very tight bond with her foster mama.
You can read all about how she grew up on her last post, Raptor.
Raptor's a big girl, now.
Photo by Eva Prokop
She's 6 months old, she's smart, beautiful, curious and look at all that orange! She's a very special kitty.
Photo by Eva Prokop
Of course, considering she looks like a direct descendant of Bast (or Bastet), it is obvious this little goddess is special.
Cats in Ancient Time, English Primary Fun
Photo by Eva Prokop
Raptor was adopted a couple of months ago, to a couple who fell in love with her early on. They had adopted Marco from me previously and Raptor was to be his new friend.
They had a rough start and she struggled with the transition, but eventually they worked things out. Sadly, the addition of another cat in the home made their dad's allergies too much to handle. So Raptor came back to Big City Little Kitty. Perhaps it was too soon for her to leave the nest.
Photo by Eva Prokop
Raptor has taken it all in stride and has stayed positive.
It takes Raptor a while to make friends with other kitties, after all she was an only child for so long, but once she makes friends with a new kitty, they are the best of friends.
Pirate Jenny was her first friend.
Then, there was Lucky.
And her current BFF, Spin.
She has a very special human friend, too. He has come to adoption events to love on her since she was a baby. He'd love to adopt her, and we'd love it too, but his mama and papa already have full houses of fur friends.
Raptor is the sweetest, most proficient snuggler I have ever met, and her favorite place is face-to-face with mama.
However, she is very nervous at adoption events and needs time to get to know new people, I can totally relate.
Photo by Eva Prokop
If you would like to adopt Raptor, please contact me at She's amazing and will greet you each and every time you walk in the door with face rubs and kisses.
If you can't adopt Raptor, but would like to help her get adopted, please share this post. She does not do well at adoption events and needs some exposure. She's a sweet baby and she deserves a loving home.
Photo by Eva Prokop
Until she finds one, she will be safe and loved right here with me.

Special thanks to Eva Prokop for taking such beautiful pictures of Raptor.

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