Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Studying...with Cats.

So I turned off my facebook accounts for the final showdown of finals and papers to eliminate ONE distraction. There are plenty of others right here I have to contend with daily...Here's SOME of what you missed.

What, ma? You can't see?
No, Eko, I can't see!
 Is this better?
 OK, hold on a second. Let me just...
 OOO! Marker. I should knock this off the desk. 
OK, ma, how's this?
NO! Can you, please, just sit on my lap or go somewhere else? 
 I got it! How about this!
Nope, you're still on my book.
 Jeez, ma, it was just one paw and it was in the margin. Is this better?
No, Eko, I can't see my other screen.
What other screen?
 Hi mama. Look, I'm sitting on top of the cat scratcher.
Good job, Raptor.
 Oh, this screen. Are these flash cards?
Yes, Eko, they are flash cards.
 Hmm, I think this one's wrong, ma.
Which one's wrong, Eko?
 This one right here. This one's wrong.
 Hi mama. 
I caught a mouse, get it?
Yes, Raptor, very funny.
 Tigra? What are you doing?
Smelling your feet. 
 Mom, there's a lot of cats in here. 
I know honey, it's temporary. 
 LOOK! I'm a bridge!
 Mama, I don't like the studying and paper writing, when is it over?
Soon, Raptor. 
 I just want hugs, kisses and snuggles.
I know, Raptor, almost over.
 Mom, do you want some help?
 Yes, Tigra. Thank you.
Hmm, Eko's right, that one was wrong.
 And then I let the kittens out...
BUT, finals are over and papers are submitted. I have a lot of snuggling to catch up on and kittens who need homes. 
Stay tuned!

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