Thursday, May 3, 2012

Evie was adopted!

Little Miss Evie was adopted!
Here she is in her new home!
She will be her mama's one and only kitty and will not have to compete with ANYONE for affection! Someone's going to be happy!

Evie came to me when she was only a couple weeks old. She was brought in to a vet's office who called me to take her in and find her a home. She was bottle fed and eventually learned to eat on her own
Soon Evie learned how to snuggle

Evie learned a lot and had a lot of firsts here at Big City Little Kitty foster home. Here she saw her first snow!
She made friends with Papa Eko, who taught her how to be a big kitty and kept her nice and clean

Evie was ready for a home of her own. She was adopted in the fall of 2011 with a little friend from another rescuer, Eva, to a lovely mom and little girl. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, Evie's mom had to return her and her friend, Houdini, due to her daughter's allergies. 
When Evie returned she was just as full of sugar and love as she was when she left. A request came in from a friend of a friend looking for a sweet, only cat. I sent her some pictures of Evie and Houdini and she fell in love with Evie. She came to meet her the same day and Evie crawled right on her lap and her decision was made. Evie had a new mom, a mom all to her self, someone that can keep up with her snuggle demands!

Congratulations Evie! 
Enjoy your happily ever after!


  1. hooray! i bet you'll miss her a lot but it sounds like she found the right person!

  2. Hard to say goodbye to her, but I am really happy. Her mom is one of those adopters that you are like, "wow, she's going to be so loved". It was perfect. I'm glad to have seen Evie again and see what a sweet girl she grew up to be:)

  3. AWWW! go EVIE! she was such a MUSH! what a great snuggle buddy :)

    We had many sessions at my desk ;)
    Iam so VERY happy for her!!