Saturday, April 28, 2012

Get your Kitty on! 2 adoption events, no waiting!

TWO Amazing rescue groups 
hosting cat and kitten adoption events this weekend!

Be sure to scroll down to meet some of the volunteer favorites looking for homes! 
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Both Saturday 4/28 and Sunday 4/29 1pm to 6pm 95 N. 6th Street 
(Between Berry
 & Wythe) 
Brooklyn. 11211

kitty loft blog: 
cats who need a home 


North Brooklyn Cats
Sunday 4/29
2pm to 6pm
At Muddy Paws Pet Supplies
447 Graham Avenue
(Between Frost and Richardson)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 11211
Facebook: North Brooklyn Cats

Both of these groups do amazing work for cats in NYC. They perform TNR, rescue cats from the euthanasia list, foster, adopt out cats and kittens and manage feral colonies!
That's a lot of good work!

Here are just a few of the great cats and kittens looking for new homes this weekend!

From kittyloft:
Steady Eddie, always at the ready with a pound and a head butt for his friends and loved ones.
Nothing really fazes Eddie - he has been around the block and seen some real hard times. All he wants is a warm, soft bed, a catnip toy, some good food and a few pets on the head and he will be a loyal companion. Eddie would prefer to be your one and only. 
Eddie is FIV positive. He is healthy and sure to stay that way in his forever home without the stress of life on the streets. Its tough out there. For more info on FIV visit this information page.
Neutered, vaccinated, FIV pos/FELV neg. 
For more info or to meet Eddie, contact
Image © Brooke Jacobs Photography

Leroy Le Roy Le Roi the King!
I am the man about town. I am confident and curious. Big, bold and pretty darn handsome! I really like other cats. Petting love that too. Food, bring it on! Carrying? No thanks unless there is a destination with food involved - I like all four feet on the ground.
I am neutered, vaccinated and FELV negative and FIV positive. I am healthy and sure to stay that way in my forever home without the stress of life on the streets. Its tough out there.
For more info on FIV visit this information page.
For more information or to meet Leroy please contact:
Image © Brooke Jacobs Photography 

Abby is a gentle soul looking to be adored. She loves other cats and would love to have a forever home. Rescued from Bed Sty Brooklyn, Abby is about 2 years old, spayed, vaccinated and FIV/FELV neg.
For more information or to meet Abby, please contact 

Image © Brooke Jacobs Photography

Bianca was pushed onto a window ledge before being rescued. She takes a while to warm up to you & gain your trust but once she has, she just wants LOVE!
Please treat this girl to a safe 2nd chance at happiness in a warm and loving forever safe home. 
Bianca is spayed, vaccinated and FIV/FELV neg. 
To meet Bianca please contact
Image © Brooke Jacobs Photography 

Barney is a handsome orange boy rescued from Chinatown. He was having a tough time surviving on the streets. Barney is looking for a fairy tale ending. He would like to retire to a warm comfortable home with a cozy bed and lots of love. 
Barney wants to relax & enjoy his much deserved 2nd chance, will that be with you? Barney is neutered, vaccinated and FELV neg/FIV pos. For more info on FIV visit this information page.
To meet Barney please contact 
© Brooke Jacobs Photography

If youre lonely looking for love and companionship, Hank is an ideal match. This poor fellow has had a tough go so now needs a soft shoulder to purr on. Hes shy and docile but oh-so-affectionate when treated gently. Please give Hank the fairytail life he deserves.
Hank is neutered, vaccinated and FIV neg/FELV neg.
For more information or to meet this handsome and gentle boy please contact
Image © Brooke Jacobs Photography 

From North Brooklyn Cats:
North Brooklyn Cats:  "Virgil and three siblings were abandoned at the NYC kill shelter. One rescue group refused to take the one bottle baby who needed them the most, the one missing parts of his back legs, and said they would only take the three "normal" ones. Eva immediately stepped in and said we'll take him but only if he has a sibling for company. That's how I got Virgil and his sister Xena. Damn, he's the one we wanted the most, but that's how North Brooklyn Cats rolls!"

"I'm Fine, Thank You!"

See how handy-capable little Virgil is here!
One person comments on this video:
  "I'm really impressed at how well he gets around. He apparently did not get the memo that he was doomed and too much trouble to save."
Yeah, you tell 'em Virgil! 
For info on Virgil and Xena email:
Photo and video © Lisa Vallez

Buzzy is ABUZZ with energy! Give him a paper ball or a cardboard box and watch the party begin. When he does slow down he is affectionate and loving. Buzzy needs to move in with another high-energy companion who can keep up with his hijinks. Another active kitten or tolerant grown-up cat would be ideal... or a puppy, lol! He has beautiful brown and black tabby swirls and sports the cutest white booties, but his best feature may be his bright eyes full of mischief and fun!
See Buzzy Buzz here!
For info on Virgil and Xena email:
Photo © Lisa Vallez

Mau was brought to the NYC kill shelter severely injured. Part of his head and neck were so severely burned that the tip of his ear was melted. Mau received medical attention at the shelter who sent a plea to rescue groups. We met Mau when he was still unconscious and looked so miserable that it just broke our heart. Mau has recovered, is eating up a storm and is playful, sweet and adorable. The fur on his ear and neck will not grow back, but he seems to have forgotten the pain and the injury. He is a happy cat that loves lounging in the sink, wearing dark black eyeliner (we briefly considered renaming him Freddy Mercury), playing, investigating and looking out the window. He is a quintessential sweet cat. 
For more information on Mau, contact 
Photo © Eva Prokop

Poppy is a 9-month old sweetheart rescued from a kill shelter. He was brought there by his family who just had a (human) baby.
Poppy was born with a condition which caused his eyelashes grow inward and his eye openings were too small. He was probably in pain or discomfort through his kittenhood. We took Poppy to our vet for corrective surgery. A few weeks later Poppy is a pure bundle of joy and love! Poppy's vision is purrfect. Poppy loves people and adores other cats. He happily grooms his feline friends in his foster homes and loves to play tag with his friends! His foster mom told us that that he lies on his back and sticks  out his little pink tongue when he wants belly rubs. How cute is that!?! 
For more information on Mau, contact 
Photo © Eva Prokop

Journeyman is a weird-looking bulldog of a cat from Bushwick. He used to be feral but now hes off the street for good and looking for a home that will appreciate his sweet, quiet disposition. He needs a person who will be patient with him, he's very shy with new people. But he comes around fast and will soon be flopping on the floor when you come into the room. He loves playing with toys and having his belly rubbed. Hes FIV positive but very healthy otherwise. He could live alone or with a nonthreatening feline friend. He currently lives with a female kitten and they get along great, but he shouldn't live with aggressive cats. He also LOVES belly rubs! See Journeyman's history here!
For information on Journeyman email 
For more info on FIV visit this information page.
Photo © Chris Glazier

So that's just a taste of what you will find 
at these two adoption events! 
Good luck and good kitten hunting!

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