Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dear New Forever Home:

Hi! My name is Charlie and I need a home!
I'm all packed up and ready to go!
See, my foster mom found me in a warehouse,
I was pretty dirty and my belly was sick...
But she cleaned me up and made it all better
I was all cleaned up, mega-chilled out
and ready for a home,
it turned out I had ringworm :0
and I had it bad!
So my new home was put off while I lived in
my foster mom's bathroom to shake the ringworm
with medicine and some time (it seemed like forever).
But that's old news!
I'm over all that!
Let me tell you a little about myself!
I am happy and healthy and WILD!
I'm also a bit of a mama's boy;)
I love a good snuggle!
Yet, I'm always on alert!
If there is a noise in the building,
I am first on the scene investigating!
(I learned that from my foster papa cat, Mr. Eko)
I love curling up into the crook of a good neck
(long hair is a bonus)
I love curling up for movie night
I LOVE hair!
I really love hugs
And did I mention I love hair!
I also love a good cat nap!
If you want to know more and
see more pics and videos see my
flickr set here!
If you are looking for a new kitty,
please consider adopting me!
I am neutered, FIV/FELV negative,
vaccinated for rabies and FVRCP,
de-wormed and sugar sweet.
I love my cat friends,
so I would really like a kitty friend in my new home
I'm about 7 months old, so I'd like a
feline buddy to run, jump and wrestle with!
If you want to meet me, you can come to my
foster mom's home in Sunnyside, Queens.
You can reach her at

I hope to meet you soon!


  1. Oh, I would love to adopt Charlie if I could! Whoever gets him is going to be a very lucky family to this wonderful kitty.

  2. know I'm your biggest fan!! Love you, baby!