Saturday, February 25, 2012

Charlie's Adopted!

Once I was lost
To which I'd furrever be bound
Purrrrounded by friends
and my big fluffy bear
Whatever I needed
Someone was there
Then one day my foster mom said
"It's time to go!"
I was sure she was wrong
and I had to scream, "NOOOOO!"
She introduced me to my new mom
and my big brother, Max
But I just wanted to hiss
So I hid by some racks
But after a while
I came out to explore
And learned something new
I’d not realized before
This is MY mom!
Finally! A mom of my own!
And a buddy, a papa
In my very OWN home!
So I curled up with mama
And kept her warm through the night
Then I kneaded and snuggled her
With all of my might
And then it was time
To charm my new friend
I stumbled at first
But now we’re friends til the end
So that’s all folks!
I’m with my mama and my bestie!
Living the dream
That was always my destiny
This story ends well
For your little friend Charlie
And from now on
You can all call me Marley

Charlie's one lucky guy
his story starts here

If you want a new friend
Please consider these dears


  1. Bestie? Destiny? heeheeeeeeee. Oh Charlie, you know I will never, every forget you and I can't tell you how upset I am that I won't meet you!!! You be a good boy, you hear? I wuv you, cute boy!

  2. Awww, I love the little poem :) so glad to hear Charlie has a happy ending! <3