Friday, March 19, 2010

My new foster Scotty

Scotty was rescued from the euthanasia list at the NYC shelter, ACC. The lovely woman who rescued him needed a little help as Scotty is a very scared kitty, and needs some socialization. Here he is shortly after he moved into my bathroom.
I made him a nice, soft, snuggly bed with a snuggle safe warming disc, but he decided to hide behind the sink on the cold floor where he felt more safe. I was able to get some blankets around him, and eventually cover him up with one.
So that's how he stayed for his first night with me.
He cried a little around 3 am, so I went in and brought him a heating pad (thanks Kim). Not a peep out of him, other than the noise of his toys, for the rest of the night.

He plays a lot in there when he is alone, I can hear all his toys. When I come in, and he is not in his safe little corner, he runs and hides behind the toilet and gets VERY upset!

While he was "distracted," behind the toilet, I blocked off the area behind the sink's pedestal so he would have to interact a little more. Next step is to block off the area behind the toilet!
So now we start begin socialization, which means feeding him while I am in the room.
I started off bribing him with some baby food, AKA kitty crack.

I put a little of the baby food on top of his wet food and he came right out to eat. He is a good eater! I was pretty close to him and he did great.
Once he had a full belly, I petted him until he fell asleep.
He purrs like crazy and has the cutest pigeon coo!
Cross your paws for Scotty:)
He could use some happy kitty thoughts!

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