Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scotty Day 3

Scotty is doing great. He still has a long way to go, but he is really coming around. He even looks happier. His eyes are completely open instead of squinted in fear.

I spend a few hours a day in the bathroom with him. Here I am sitting on the floor studying and minding my business. I put my foot next to him to see how he would do and he is not fearful at all of feet! He actually wrappped his paws around my foot and snuggled up for a little cat nap. Here he is stretching when he woke.
He still hisses at me when I walk in the door, and hisses, jumps and growls when I reach for him. But it's just for a moment, once he sniffs my hand or I get my hands around him and pick him up he stops. He is still a little stiff on my lap, but he is getting more mushy by the day.
Here he is on my lap. You will notice if I put out my hand he will move toward it and rub his head on it. This makes me so happy, seeing him seek out affection!
Blogger can not seem to upload this vid. Please see my flickr page here:
And he is such a playful little kitten!
He really loves his toys and he clearly had a good time with the toilet paper!
Sweet dreams little guy!

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