Saturday, August 2, 2014

What happened to Sid? HE WAS ADOPTED!

 That's right, remember this skittish kitty? Here he is on day 1, hiding and terrified.

 He was the most fearful kitten I have ever worked with. He was not ready when he arrived, so I gave him a trap to hide in. It seemed to calm him down and he allowed me to pet him if my face and body were on the other side of the trap.
 From the beginning, he was a sucker for a belly rub.
 As time went on, with food and play bribery, he came around and allowed me to pet him out in the open.
 And he LOVED the petting!
 After a month, I let him out of the bathroom. He made himself right at home.
 Like all BCLK fosters, he was trained for Neighborhood Cat Watch, and he did great!
 He was one of the family, and he stuck to Papa Eko like GLUE!
 Soon, it was clear he was ready for his furrever home.
 His new mama, Christina, had been chatting with me on Facebook about him for a few weeks, she was in love and I knew she was the purrfect mama for him! So we made it official. Here he is transitioning into his new home, his new siblings introduced themselves right away!
 He was doing very well, so his mama let him out, and he did great! He let her pet him.
 He made new friends at dinner,
 and, you know, was just chillin' with his home cats.
He fit right in, and his mama told me it's like he'd always been there, and belonged there.
Life is now just one long Caturday morning for this kid. I just can't express my happiness and gratitude.  
Here is a video showing the transition...

Happy life, little guy. 

Big City Little Kitty

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