Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dungaree and Burlap!

Burlap and Dungaree are from a TNR Project we did in Queens and Brooklyn. I teamed up with Shawn, of North Brooklyn Cats, and we TNR'd 20 adults and took in these 2 for foster to adopt. They were trapped in a back yard in Astoria, Queens and were too tiny to put back:) So they will be fostered here, by Big City Little Kitty, until they find their loving, forever homes!
Here they are the day we trapped them!
This is Burlap!
And this is Dungaree!
They both had eye infections, but they were treated and it has cleared up completely
Here they are at the recovery space before they moved in with me
They came with a little stinkiness on them, so they got baths!
Burlap was not happy!
Dungaree was the first cat in the trap!
He didn't even budge when the trap snapped behind him,
he just kept eating!
He is a little sugar muffin, so sweet, and he loves a good snuggle:)
Burlap was the LAST cat in a trap! Her and her mother!
She was hesitant to make friends with me at first, but is coming around.
She happily eats while sitting on my lap,
purrs when I lay her on her back on my lap for chin and belly rubs,
and LOVES to play with toys (even if she has to climb on me to get to them)
Stay tuned for more adventures by these guys!
Welcome to the good life!

More pictures can be found on my Flickr Photostream
and in the Dungaree and Burlap set

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