Saturday, April 27, 2013


So...I'm headed out a couple weeks ago to meet some friends, I walk out of my building and see a cat running from under one car to another. My eyes immediately roll and I bend down to say hello to see if he's friendly or feral. He runs straight to me all worked up telling me a story. Clearly not feral, he's rubbing all over my legs and I'm petting him. Long story short, he is Big City Little Kitty's newest foster (and he has very poor timing).

He was a little nervous and timid at first, but considering I was able to simply pick him up an place him in a carrier with zero protest on the sidewalk, I knew he was a tame guy. He just needed to know the same about me.

He was very comfortable hanging out in the window and I was getting closer. He had a nasty case of ear mites, so I scored some Revolution from Danielle and helped him out. 

I learned pretty quickly that this guy is a little lover boy. When I wasn't petting him, he was petting himself;)

I took him to see the vet where he weighed in at a lean 10 lbs!. They cleaned out his ears, which were loaded with ear mite dirt, and clipped his nails.  

When they scanned him for a microchip he beeped! But the owner never registered it, so it traced back to a dead end...the NYCACC. More on that later. I have posted several LOST CAT posters in the neighborhood, but no one has responded.

He was such a sweet boy at the vet. It really showed he is a good cat. Here he is hanging out waiting for the doc.
Look at this handsome guy:)

As the time passed, became more comfortable with me and actually sat on my lap for more than 0.15 seconds. He's a sweet boy, he was just a little nervous at first. Once he got to know me I found he is actually quite outgoing and fun, but always a sweet little baby.
I received some information from someone at the NYCACC. This is his baby picture at 3 months old:) He was dumped at the shelter as a three month old kitten, adopted and returned 6 months later at the age of 9 months because his adopter "traveled a lot". He was adopted again and now I have found him running around out on the street, hiding under cars and asking to be rescued. 
Because he's such a lover boy, I thought he could use some company (and my cats are not rolling out the welcome wagon). I placed a teddy bear half way in his carrier to see if he'd like it. He pulled him the rest of the way:) 

Yep, this 8 year old, adult, tomcat looking big guy loves his teddy bear. It doesn't get much sweeter than this.

He's been in the bathroom for a couple of weeks now. I've been trying to introduce him to my cats so he can have some more room, but things are not going so well. Here they are in a face off in the living room. No-one is getting hurt, but no-one is lowering their shields either. I let him out a little in the am and pm and more on the weekends. He needs a home of his own. He would make someone very happy and has all kinds of love to share.

Buster is s sweet little (big) guy looking for a loving forever home. 
He's been abandoned at least 3 times now, let's make this one stick. 
Buster is FIV/FELV negative, his fecal analysis was negative for parasites, he is vaccinated, neutered and full of love and snuggles. Please consider adopting this handsome, sweet boy. 
He's currently head bumping and purring in Big City Little Kitty's foster home in Sunnyside, Queens.
Rescue friends, please share far and wide. 
Thank you!


  1. aw that's kind of sad, he's been in and out of the system his whole life. if the ACC could get you info on him, wouldn't they know who his last adopter is and contact them? it seems crazy to me that someone would go through all the trouble of adopting a cat at ACC only to purposefully turn him loose on the street. maybe there's still a chance they will turn up. thanks for looking out for him until he finds his home!

  2. I know, broke my heart. Glad he found me. They did provide me the contact info of the adopter, but no dice. It was from 2005. He's doing so much better now. I have no concern about his character, he's a muffin.

  3. Wow! Poor Buster, although it's kind of amazing that you were able to track down so much of his back story. Usually we're just left wondering and wishing cats could speak English. He's a lucky boy to have found you!