Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things are looking up!

The kittens finished up their treatment a couple of weeks ago. We had some follow up blood work done and Teton and Lala are purrfect! So Saturday we went to the North Brooklyn Cats adoption event at Muddy Paws in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! Lala was adopted! She is charming her new family and hopefully her new feline big sis in Buschwick! New family pics to come!
Teton is next!
Santee's bloods showed she is still slightly anemic so she is on Pet-tinic for a month. But let me tell you, you would not know it! She is physically healthy and active and has all the 5 month old kitten energy and playfulness we all know so well! She is jumping, climbing, wrestling and most importantly snuggling like a champ! AAAANNNNDDDD...NO BULGING BELLY! That's right guys, that belly swelling is completely gone! She will soon be ready for a new home!
Tanka is making AMAZING progress! She is also still slightly anemic and her white blood cells are still a little high, but lower than last time. Dr. Adams, of City Vet in LIC, said she has made tremendous progress. You should see her now! She is wild! Running, climbing, jumping, eating like crazy, she is a kitten! Her muscles are still not as strong as her sisters, but she is getting closer every day! She is able to climb into my bed all by herself and is jumping on chairs and whatever else she can! She is gaining weight rapidly and she actually has some meat on her bones! She is on the Pet-tinic for a month as well and from the looks of her I think she will even out those white blood cells too. I will pick up some more immune boosters to help her along.
So, things are looking up over here at Big City Little Kitty foster home!
We couldn't be happier and we will keep you informed!
Thank you reel coming soon!
You wouldn't believe the number of people that jumped in to help out this litter.
We have a lot of people to thank and I'd like to do it properly!
For more pics and fun videos please see our flickr photo stream!

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