Monday, November 9, 2009

Avon finds a home!

Little Avon finds a home!
Here he is testing his new dad's shoulders, nice and sturdy!
Avon thanked Muddy Paws and said goodbye to his brother's mama.
And stops to play with a pen...
Then its time to say goodbye to his foster mama, thanks mom!

She told him to behave in his new home and be nice to his new feline sibling...
This was his response. I'm pretty sure I heard a "Hmph" in there somewhere!
Now it is Gracie's turn!
Meet Grace Jones! Spayed, vaccinated, FIV/FELV negative, healthy and sugar sweet!
Ready to find a forever home!
Here is a little more about Grace:
Grace Jones magically appeared in the midst of a feral cat conoly in Greenpoint Brooklyn. She was tiny, feisty and very close to being seriously dehydrated in the summer heat. She also seemed to have been shaved or singed, leaving all her fur and whiskers short and bristly. It was very odd because the fur on her underside was soft and normal. We'll never know what happened to her, but she has grown into a beautiful and sweet little panther! We named her Grace Jones after the famously flat-topped performer from the disco days!
If you are interested in adopting Grace, contact

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